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09.06.2020 Regional News

Tamale Residents Appeal For Water, Electricity

By Tamale Citizen
Tamale Residents Appeal For Water, Electricity
LISTEN JUN 9, 2020

Residences of Chanzeni a suburb of Tamale, have appealed to city authorities, political actors and non-governmental organizations to assist in the extension of electricity and water to the area.

Their appeal comes on the back of limited economic activities in the area.

A leader of one of the youth groups in the area known as Nba Issifu laments the difficulties they go through as a result of the limited extension of electricity in the area. He explains that there is level of unemployment among the youth and women in the area. “It doesn’t look like Chanzeni is in Tamale. Villages far apart from the capital are better because they enjoy electricity.”

Nba Issifu again cried over the difficulties their wives and children go through in search of potable water. “Water is another challenge in this area. The pipes from Ghana Water Company only flow twice in a month for lucky households. We need authority to consider alternatives such as mechanized boreholes”, he said.

Chanzeni is located in the eastern part of Tamale with a growing population. It’s a ten minutes’ drive to Tamale town. However, its proximity to the city means nothing to the residences in the absence of these basic amenities.

Industrialization would support in opening up the community and create jobs. But the challenges with the supply of water and electricity in the community remain a stumbling block.

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