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Aya Morrison Gives A Piece Of The Good Life With Her 5th Fashion Collection

Fashion Design House Unveils New Season’s Swimwear
Aya Morrison Gives A Piece Of The Good Life With Her 5th Fashion Collection
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Accra, Ghana – 28th October, 2013 – Exactly a year after opening a location where fashion lovers across Ghana can go for quality African-print fashion design fixes, aya morrison is unveiling its eclectic Spring/Summer 2014 swimwear collection on the runway at the second annual Glitz Fashion Week this November.

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aya morrison is one of the pioneering fashion brands in Ghana providing style-conscious women affordable luxury in breathtaking designs from purses, bags, and accessories to their one-of-a-kind swim and resort wear offerings. They are the only Ghanaian fashion label to own the swimwear space, skillfully using beautiful African print to craft form-flattering designs to compliment every body type.

The aya morrison brand is a vivacious and flirty one, weaving vibrant coloured print fabrics into quality trendy fashion items that give women poise and style. “Every woman has flair. Our fashions don't seek to change what women like in their look but rather to simply accentuate their uniqueness with memorable and chic statement pieces”, says Aya Morrison, the design house's creative director and head designer.

In its fifth year of business, the fashion giant who offers celebrity styling services for fashion shows, catalogue, public appearances and personal daily put-together for the likes of superstars Becca, Raquel and Jocelyn Dumas, show no signs of slowing down. The Summer/Spring 2014 collection, debuting at the popular Glitz Fashion Week in Accra on 7th-9th November, will glide down the runway and into the closets of eager fashion fiends, celebrities, socialites, fashion buyers and stylists.

The collection called Bella Vita – will share The Good Life with women who don it, catapulting them into a world of glitz and glam reminiscent of fine Italian wine and breezy Miami Beach walks. “Life can be tough sometimes,” brand brainchild Aya Morrison says, “but with this new collection we offer a deserved escape”.

Each piece embodies striking, sexy design, ethnic glamour and a sophisticated but delicate representation of rich African culture and stand-tall confidence through crisp detail. There will be a sneak peek event at the aya morrison atelier in Dzorwulu Accra on 2ndNovember, 2013 at which customers can experience the new collection, make pre-orders and purchases.

Year after year, the powerhouse aya morrison fashion brand shows there is more to be given from the fashion world, especially from Africa. The designer brand has much more in store for its customers in Ghana and across the world to continue to enhance trendiness and superior design.

To schedule an interview with Aya Morrison or for additional information on aya morrison fashion design house, please call + or email [email protected] Follow aya morrison on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


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