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Five things you need to know about body contouring

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1. The Shape of Things
Body contouring comes in many shapes. If you believe you are a good candidate for body contouring, you should contact a board-certified plastic surgeon and check his references. Body contouring surgery isn't just for vanity reasons. Many people who have been in an accident, have been severely injured or born with a defect opt for plastic surgery. Surgery can lift ones self-image, but it doesn't come without risks. Excessive bruising or bleeding is possible as well fat or an implant shifting. This may require a second surgery to fix. Infection is also a possibility. Cosmetic surgery isn't magic or doesn't stop the body from aging.

2. Implant to Enhance
One of the common body contouring procedures is implants. The most common are breast, chin, calf, buttocks and bicep implants. Exercise is the most healthful and safest way to improve your body's appearance; however, many times a birth defect, accident or other condition makes it impossible for exercise to help. Silicone implants can enhance or rebuild parts of the body.

3. Get to the Fat of the Matter
A fat transfer is a simple procedure that takes fat from one part of the body and transfers it to another. For example, fat may come from the buttocks, which the surgeon injects into the face to fill in lines and wrinkles, sunken eyes or hollow cheeks. A fat transfer can fill a sunken scar or augment other parts of the body, such as hands or penis. Another fat removing procedure is liposuction. Cellulite may be a result of hormonal changes in the body. A plastic surgeon can suck the fat from various parts of the body to improve the appearance of the skin.

4. Snip the Skin
Many times after childbirth or after losing a large amount of weight, skin sags on various parts of the body. Lifts are an easy fix for this excess skin. The most common body contouring lift procedures are breast, arm, buttocks, thighs and abdomen. For those with a lot of excess skin around the lower belly, a panniculectomy will remove skin below the navel and lower back. This procedure is common for patients of weight-loss surgery.

5. Get Six-Pack Abs
For those in good shape who just need a little boost, abdominal etching will help define those abs. Abdominal etching removes fat under the skin, which allows the muscles to be more visible. This procedure will not give you the six-pack appearance unless your ab muscles are already there. It is for those who already have a six-pack hiding under a layer of fat.

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