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23 March 2011 | Spirituality & Religion

Magic and the Occult

Melanie Miller

You have heard of the dark arts or black magic, or magic, have you not? The cauldron you may have seen which witchs' use in their spells. The cauldron bubbles and your eyes you look upon it. You wonder if the spell will work as you place flowers and insense and other things upon the witchs' altar. You may place berries, jewels and other ingredients to make your magic spell work more effectively. You may place figurines upon the altar as well. You can cast spells when there is a full moon as is one of the best times to cast all magic spells. Water and Salt placed in small bowls is a good idea to place upon the altar as well. You may recite or make up your own spells or a ryhming poem. You may wish for prosperity or a healing or money spell. You may identify yourself with the Crone, as she has much wisdom. Some see the goddess of fertility and prosperity during their magic spells. Consencrate your space and sweep with a witchs' broom to ward off all negativity before casting your magic spells. Light your candle, and allow it to burn for a long period of time during your ritual spells. Ask only what you need or desire and be sure it is for good intentions. Say something like this, "Fire, fire...burn with desire, cauldron boil the herbs I placed into the pot. I ask you in goddess Isis name, this spell I request to be blessed forever!"

Spend time thinking about what you really want before casting any and all spell magic. When you have put in all the magical ingredients, then cast your magick for yourself or others. You may use wine on the altar as well as a thank you to the god or goddess you wish to bless your magic.

You may include a rite by saying or singing the following song, which shows and proves to the god or goddess you care about him or her or them.

"From wench I cometh from, the seed of the earth, from the clouds that are above, I reach out my hand to give thanks to Mother Earth with the wine, I pour upon its earths' dusty floor, and ask for money or wealth and good health. I seek much wisdom in my soul, and may the Lady be praised!" You may kiss the ground if you so desire and you may make your own pentacle which I do, and lay upon the earths' ground and place berries and leaves and acorns and witchs' burr as well, and ask to be protected by a god or goddess. They or he or she will listen to you, and bless you and all your spiritual needs and desires, so light that candle on a dark and stormy night if you prefer to, or rainy day when you are all alone and ask a deity to bless you.

You can cast magick well, and it may take some practice, but you can obtain occult books at local book stores and if there are no local book stores that carry occult books then you can order books off the net about the occult or magick spells, for witchs'. I have a book called, Melanies' Witchy World on the market now, which I have written and you may be interested in reading it. You may find it very informative.

Remember that magick is fun to cast, and can make a big difference in ones' life. All you need are the essential tools for your spells, a poem to recite to a god or goddess and an altar set up, with all the magical things like herbs and flowers and candles and a pentacle on the altar as well. You may want a chalice to pour wine into, and take a drink, if you are of age, and thank the deity of your choice, then pour the rest of the wine from your chalice onto the earths' awaiting ground and always be thankful to the god or goddess of your choice. Have fun casting your spells.

quot-img-1We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.

By: Skipper Young quot-img-1