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The Art of Spell Magic

Melanie Miller
15 March 2011 | Spirituality & Religion

This is an article on spells that are simple to follow. I have conjured up many incantations from years of experimenting with magic. You may feel free to perform these spells with a group of people or in solitare. I find performing many of my spell magic alone, rewarding, as I personally feel a spell works best for me, this way.

Here are several love spells, you may like to cast. You may cast them any time you are in desire for love to come your way. One of my favorites to find love and romance is as follows. If you can obtain a lock of hair, from the one you wish to woo you, his or her affection, then by all means listen to this spell. Take a lock of hair you cut off or find in his or her hair brush, from the one you want to romance you, if he or she is in your presence, then this should be an easy task for you as your prey is right there, like putty in your hands, so after cutting or trimming his or her lock from desired individual tresses, you can save a lock and place it in your jewelry box or wish box, with the name of the one you love on a piece of parchment (with no lines ) and be certain to circle the name three times in red or pink ink as these colors symbolize love, desire and romance.

Light a red or pink candle and if you do not have these around the house, you may also use a white candle instead, as if your affection is the purest form of true devotion than this one is a good choice. Say the name of the one you wish to come to you, ina whisper, when alone, three times as you begin to light the candle. Then after the spell, simply allow the flame to burn for a while until you feel it has been sufficent amount of time, then blow the flame out. Close your eyes and in your mind, picture the woman or man you wish for to love you, as you put the candles passion fire out.

Another good spell to try is this one. It is simple to follow and should be perfomed inside. At night, ask a deity, such as Goddess Aphrodite, as she is the love goddess to call upon for love spells and she helps to reunite people together as well. I personally like to ask a deity of my choice when casting a lovers spell for myself and Aphrodites is my favorite goddess. Be sure to offer her a gift, such as amethyst or any type of jewels. She adores gemstones. You may wear it on your finger as you cast your spell or around your neck on a chain, as you request for the spell to be answered, then place on the altar. Still remember, it is a gift offering and if she wishes to appear before you as she did for me one time when I did my magic craft, and the stone is missing, don't be surprised.

Now onto a different kinds of spells, that are still for love but keep a marriage from falling apart. You've heard the tried and true, 'wear something white, something blue', whether it be a blue stone on a necklace or a blue ring, such as sapphire will do nicely. Obtain one of these items for a long lasting marriage. Be certain to keep the blue ring or necklace on during your marriage as this will make it last for a very long time. Find a blue candle or white candles(as these symbol marriage) and light the wick, select the deity of your choice, and say, for example, "Aphrodite, please keep our marriage strong and long lasting throughout our days together,'' and after you extinguish the flame, thank the god or goddess you've selected during your witchcraft you cast for uniting the two of you together, at least once a month on a full mon night or half moon is fine. You may do this with your partner or the privacy of your own home, out on your balcony or back yard or when you can drive to a location where you wore married an thank the deity. Don't worry, he or she will hear you and bless your marriage to make it fuller, stronger and richer!

Here is another excellent spell to keep a marriage solid and alive. Be sure to bathe with your partner. That's right, bathe together, at least once a week or once a month and light a blue candle, which blue is a symbol for marriage. Remember the borrow something blue method? Place the candles or candle in the bathroom and find as many as you can to make the lover's spell work more effectively. If your bathroom is small, a few will suffice. Bring a radio with you and listen to a melodious tune as you bathe with your lover or mate. This spell will work for couples who are engaged as well. You do not have to be wedded for this lover's spell to insure you stay as a permanent couple. (Be certain to secretly wish, in your mind, your wishspell for the two of you to stay together.)

I sincerly hope that my love spells will benefit you, and that you enjoy casting them alone or with your partner. You may cast them any time you so desire to. Good luck on all your magick and may all your spells come true, if especially if they are for good intentions. Have a very magickal day!

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