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Love Is A Beautiful Thing

Love Is A Beautiful Thing

One of the things we need to realise in this world is the fact that everyone you see needs someone who loves, adores and respects them just as they are. That is the way we were created by God; you are not the only one who needs to be loved, everyone deserves it so show others love. You are not the only one that needs to be adored, try adoring those around you. That man or lady you are looking down upon is loved and respected by his/her family, stop treating him/her like a nobody because he/she is a somebody else where; let's learn to respect them.

Each and everyone of us can find a nice way of saying things if only we will allow love to lead us. Someone just needs to hear, "you can do it" to complete the task. Why do you choose to call such a fellow lazy and other names? Try to be a source of encouragement to him.

Let us work together as a team to make the world a lovely place for all. If we work together as a team, we will definitely find ways and means to overcome the obstacles we face. Why is your marriage not working? Why is the relationship not working? Why is the business going down? We need some team work.

Take your time to let your partner know that they are still the same person you love and adore. Don't let everyday of life squeeze the love out of your relationship. It is said, that the patient man can dissect the liver of an ant; be like that man and remember love is important.

Happy Tuesday😊

Author Edmund Koby Kyei Baffour Rhema

Contact: [email protected]

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