Power of the Witch!

By Melanie Miller
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Witches in old ancient times believed that black cats were a good omen, as well as owning a black dog or black raven. Also they believed if a spider crawled on them, this was a good omen. Witches used cauldrons, as well. They poured forth oils, and herbs and potions into the black awaiting pot.

Today's modern witches do the they honor the ancient times that witches did these things.

Some witches made effigies, (dolls so to speak). They annointed the doll with oil and sewed a silver coin inside the doll, for money and wealth and good fortune as well as luck. They would carry them around with them, or keep in a desk or drawer at home.

You too, can make a doll, and place feathers inside it, or many things, such as a witches burr to ward off evil. can put dried flowers inside the doll!

You can make or create a pouch as well, and put a copper or gold pentacle inside it. Gold and copper are the best pentalces to use, instead of brass and glass pentacles.

You can place the pouch by the front door, or anywhere you wish too.

If you ever seen anyone spit on the ground, it means they have hexed someone. This is not a good thing to do to another!

Never spit on a grave of a recently deceased person, as this will come back to haunt you, and you will be so sorry you did this act.

You may wish to have some money on your altar and place coins into a glass of water and leave there for 9 days, and after this, pour the water onto the earth's ground and leave it be, do not tread on this same area, and take the coins and bury them by an old oak tree, or any kind of tree will do nicely.

I have my own spells, I have created in my mind. I saw a black cat the other day and it came to me and sat close by me as I was swinging on the porch. I thought that was unusual, but the cat just starred at me. I hope to see it one day again.

I will talk about effigies once again...
True (to back flash here for a minute)...many witches made a wax doll, and this would represent the individual and they would put herbs on it.

Some witches made dough dolls, made out of bread dough. There are corn dolls as well, that witches would create.

Some witches would hang them in their houses or barns as well, to insure a good harvest.

There are poppets that witches made as well. They used finger nail clippings and clothing and a lock of the victims' hair.

I myself make wax dolls and corn dolls. I do not sale them but hand to friends if they desire one. You too, can make poppets, or corn dolls or wax images. There are many spells one can cast by using this effigy.

Have loads of fun casting your magick spells and remember to always thank the deity of your choice.

And..if you see a black cat and it sits on your porch or by your car even, this is a good omen for witches and also if a black dog comes to you, and wags it's tail, this is a good omen as well. True...the witch is most powerful so if you ever run into a witch, by all means, be most careful what you say to him or her, as there are male witches too, in this world.

Well..I hope my article was informative and that you enjoyed reading it. Thanks for taking the time to read my article gang, it is much appreciated.