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March 7, 2018 | Career & Money

Your Boss Is Toxic If He Exhibits These 4 Traits
Photo credit - Shutterstock
Photo credit - Shutterstock

The boss micromanages: If you're told exactly how to do every little thing, that can be frustrating and can slow you down. It also reflects a boss who doesn't trust you to do the job well, which is a poor recipe for successful teamwork.

The boss communicates poorly: If your boss rarely makes clear what needs to be done and then is upset that it hasn't been done, no one wins. A good boss will communicate well and make sure that his direct reports understand and are comfortable asking questions.

The boss doesn't listen: If your boss doesn't solicit input from others and doesn't consider ideas and thoughts when they're offered -- perhaps believing that only she is right -- then that can be very unmotivating to workers. It's also a sign that you're not respected.

The boss plays favorites: If your boss has a favorite underling or two and doesn't treat all subordinates with respect and fairness, resentments will fester and productiveness will be threatened. It can kill morale, too, if favorites get plum assignments and promotions. It can also be toxic if the boss's favorite employee is... the boss. If the boss routinely gives himself privileges that others don't have (such as an allowance to come in late or leave early or enjoy extra-long lunches) or doesn't follow rules that he expects you to follow, that can be toxic, too.

The boss is unprofessional: If your boss gets too chummy with you and/or your colleagues, perhaps even leaning on you emotionally, that can make things inappropriately complicated -- and stressful. Being very gossipy is also unprofessional, and can be harmful. Other unprofessional behaviors include cursing and yelling and complaining. Even being too "fun" can be unprofessional, if it gets in the way of taking the work sufficiently seriously. (Think, for example, of Michael Scott in the television show "The Office.)

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