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He has trust issues; it traces way back to his ex-wife — Video of Vanessa explains Funny Face’s mental issues

He has trust issues; it traces way back to his ex-wife —Video of Vanessa explains Funny Faces mental issues
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Vanessa Nicole, the mother of Funny Face's four children, has shed light on the comedian's struggles with mental health, attributing them to deep-rooted trust issues stemming from his previous marriage.

In a resurfaced video interview amid Funny Face's recent arrest for drunk driving, Vanessa opened up about their sour relationship, referring to Funny Face's mistrust as a major factor.

According to Vanessa, their relationship began to deteriorate when Funny Face exhibited jealousy and suspicion over her receiving compliments from other men.

She revealed that Funny Face confided in her, explaining that his distrust stemmed from his traumatic experience with his first wife, who allegedly engaged in infidelity with any man who complimented her.

She also recounted how Funny Face's ex-wife's betrayal had deeply scarred him, leading to trust issues that eventually deteriorated his mental health and led to the development of schizophrenia.

Vanessa said, “You must keep a receipt or have witnesses for whatever he buys for you. He has trust issues. There are several times he told me about his ex-wife. Sometime ago, I went to the West Hills mall with him…I was in shorts and a big top. When we parked the car, I took the lead while he locked the car.

“Not long after I had set off, I met a group of guys who complimented me saying, “ohh she is pretty oo.” Can you believe that he fought with the guys? This prevented us from buying what we were supposed to buy at the mall so we returned.

“While in the car, he asked why I easily get upset at him with everything. I asked him what wrong it is to be complimented about your beauty?

“That’s when he revealed to me that his ex-wife Nana Adjoa was fond of sleeping with anyone who complimented her."

Watch the interview below:

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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