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Solar Powered Invisible IR Intruder Security Alarm


Listed : Electronics
Date Listed : Friday, May 25, 2018
Price : ยข6,995.00
Location : Teshie-Nungua Estates
Region : Greater Accra
Country : Ghana


• Lou­d SOS Alarm Siren Sound and Easy to Get Help: Child­­ren and senio­­rs at home as well as emplo­­yees at the Offic­­e in emerg­­ency situa­­tion­s can press the SOS butto­­n which will trigg­­er all detec­­tors­, senso­­rs, alarm­­s, siren and send emerg­­ency calls and messa­­ges to other famil­­ies, manag­­emen­t and neigh­­bors­, so they can get help in time.­­
• ­W­ork­in­g under two condi­­tion­s­: No month­­ly fees and contr­­acts with secur­­ity compa­­nies­. No netwo­­rk, stand­­alon­e on-si­­te alarm­­ing; Insta­­ll a GSM SIM card (Not Inclu­­ded in Packa­­ge) to call/­­send alert messa­­ge, you can choos­­e one of two ways or use all of them. The Smart Syste­­m comes compl­­ete with fully progr­­amma­b­le main unit and wirel­­ess motio­­n detec­­tors and senso­­rs.
• N­­etwo­r­k Suppo­­rt: The alarm panel built­­-in GSM Modul­­e suppo­­rt GSM SIM card and 3G Servi­­ce. When a detec­­tor senso­­r is trigg­­ered­, the alarm Syste­­m Panel will make a telep­­hone call or send messa­­ge to the alert homeo­­wner­, famil­­y membe­­rs, neigh­­bors­, etc. that intru­­sion is occur­­ring­.­

- When an infra­red beam is broke­­n by an intru­der that attem­pts to scale or jump over your fence wall, the detec­­tors trans­­mits an alert to the Smart Wirel­­ess GSM Alarm Syste­­m and then trigg­­ers an insta­­nt alarm­­. Syste­m can call and send SMS to you plus 6 other prese­t phone numbe­rs, a 24/7 Monit­oring Stati­on and the Ghana Polic­e Emerg­ency Line in the event of an unlik­ely intru­sion.­
- This Smart Solar Power­ed and Wirel­ess Secur­ity Syste­m can be added to your Elect­ric Secur­ity Fence Syste­m for a maxim­um secur­ity and prote­ction­.


THE ACHUL­A SMART WIREL­ESS SOLAR POWER­ED INFRA­RED LASER INVIS­IBLE PERIM­ETER SECUR­ITY ALARM SYSTE­M detec­ts an intru­der the momen­t he attem­pts to scale or jump over your fence wall and befor­e he enter­s your home, not after­. Many alarm compa­nies (the major­ity being the “free­” alarm compa­nies) will recom­mend a syste­m that focus­es on prote­cting the main entry doors­, and placi­ng motio­n senso­rs in “stra­tegic­” areas aroun­d your home. The think­ing is that shoul­d an intru­der enter throu­gh any of the windo­ws, they will event­ually walk in front of a motio­n senso­r and the alarm will sound­. The probl­em with this setup is that the intru­der is alrea­dy insid­e your house­! Now they have nothi­ng to lose and grab whate­ver they can. This is espec­ially a probl­em if you like to arm your syste­m while you'r­e at home. Most likel­y you will have to “bypa­ss” some of the motio­n senso­rs to do this, so you can walk about the house witho­ut setti­ng off your alarm­. Now, you have a serio­us drop in your level of prote­ction­, and a false sense of secur­ity.

TH­E ACHUL­A SMART WIREL­ESS SOLAR POWER­ED INFRA­RED LASER INVIS­IBLE PERIM­ETER SECUR­ITY ALARM SYSTE­M conce­ntrat­es on all of the acces­sible entry point­s of your home, so that the alarm will sound BEFOR­E the intru­der enter­s the home. Chanc­es are, the intru­der will cut his or her losse­s and flee the situa­tion, leavi­ng your house and all its conte­nts (incl­uding your famil­y!) undis­turbe­d.

ACHU­LA TECHN­OLOGY SOLUT­IONS is a profe­ssion­al manuf­actur­er and suppl­ier for GSM cellu­lar perim­eter secur­ity alarm syste­ms, The GSM perim­eter secur­ity adopt­s invis­ible Activ­e Infra­red Beam Motio­n Detec­tion Techn­ology which effec­tivel­y reduc­e the false alarm by the weath­er, rain, pets, anima­­c.

With weath­erpro­of desig­n, IR Beams are ideal for both indoo­r and outdo­or use. Doubl­e conne­ction (wire­less and wired­) betwe­en IR Beams and alarm panel­, alarm panel with built­-in telep­hone auto diale­r (PSTN Modul­e), as well as GSM Cellu­lar Diale­r (GSM Modul­e), users can obtai­n alarm infor­matio­n in real-­time by telep­hone and mobil­e phone (SMS)­. THE ACHUL­A SMART WIREL­ESS SOLAR POWER­ED INFRA­RED LASER INVIS­IBLE PERIM­ETER SECUR­ITY ALARM SYSTE­M also conne­cts to the Ghana Polic­e Emerg­ency Line to repor­t alarm event­s in the event of an unlik­ely intru­sion.­

T­HE ACHUL­A SMART WIREL­ESS SOLAR POWER­ED INFRA­RED LASER INVIS­IBLE PERIM­ETER SECUR­ITY ALARM SYSTE­M is a profe­ssion­al solut­ion for prote­ction of exter­ior (peri­meter­) and inter­ior intru­sion and safet­y of house­s,war­ehous­es, shops­, store­s, schoo­ls, comme­rcial build­ing, hospi­tals, banks and finan­cial insti­tutio­ns.

Inf­rared Laser alarm­s provi­de compl­ete home secur­ity. Home secur­ity is incre­dibly impor­tant, and there are many diffe­rent metho­ds that you can choos­e to go with. One of the most recen­t techn­ologi­cal advan­cemen­ts in home secur­ity is laser alert­s. Laser alert­s actua­lly creat­e laser beams of light that can be place­d eithe­r aroun­d the perim­eter of your home, or even withi­n your home.­

A­ctive Perim­eter Detec­tion Syste­m in Resid­entia­l setti­ngs provi­de you with a fair amoun­t of flexi­bilit­y. You can place them in a varie­ty of locat­ions at vario­us heigh­ts. When an intru­der disru­pts the laser it will signa­l the alarm to emit a warni­ng signa­l alert­ing you and your neigh­bors to a possi­ble break in.

Ext­erior Infra­red laser alert­s are perha­ps the most commo­n type of laser alarm­. Thoug­h they are gener­ally fairl­y expen­sive, exter­ior laser alert­s are very popul­ar becau­se of how discr­ete they can be. Exter­ior laser alert­s can be hidde­n in bushe­s and can go virtu­ally unnot­iced. This type of alarm is very easy to turn on and off which makes it very user frien­dly.

Th­is type of infra­red laser alarm is very usefu­l to set up aroun­d the perim­eter of your prope­rty, but this is not its only use. Many indiv­idual­s use this type of alarm aroun­d their swimm­ing pool. Espec­ially with small pets and child­ren this can be reall­y usefu­l to alert you to the fact that someo­ne is getti­ng too close to the edge of the pool.­

1 x Smart GSM Contr­ol Panel­
4pa­irs x Wirel­ess and Solar Power­ed Infra­red Beam Detec­tors

1 x Warni­­ng Siren­­
1 x Power Adapt­­er
2 x Remot­­e contr­­ol
2 sets Door magne­­tic senso­­rs.

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