20.04.2020 Opinion

Ghana Health Service Refusal Use Of Herbal Products Is Not Informed By Science

By Rev. Yaw Obeng-Aduasare, M. Division
Ghana Health Service Refusal Use Of Herbal Products Is Not Informed By Science
LISTEN APR 20, 2020

World Health Organization does not have a Vaccine to cure the Pandemic Coronavirus. Each country is using what is available in their specific country to heal their people as China has done using their native herbs to heal their own people.

It is therefore mind-buggling that a whole human being in Ghana who claims to be a Medical Doctor in the name of Dr. Justice Yankson, the General Secretary of Ghana Medical Association should have the audacity to come on a Television Station and pontificate, " I can not endorse the use of Herbal Products in Ghana to treat the Pandemic Coronavirus patients in Ghana" It must be made clear to Dr. Justice Yankson that he has ignorantly made a public ridicule of himself.

His pronouncement, infers that he is not aware that some African Herbs have antiviral properties in them that can wipe out the Pandemic Coronavirus as a Medical Doctor. He should honorablely resign from the leadership of the Ghana Medical Association in the country for placing the august Association in public ridicule.

It is the hope of this writer that the ignorant train of thought exhibited by Dr. Justice Yankson in regards to African Herbal Medicine does not reflect the self- destruct thinking of the Allopathic Fraternity in the country.

However, I have started to think otherwise in regards to the train of thought of the Leadership of Ghana Health Services. When our Renowned Medical Specialist, Professor Jacob Plange-Rhule caught the Pandemic Coronavirus the Leadership of Ghana Health Services neglected to use our Potent Herbal products, produced by Our Competent Wholistic Medical Practitioners to save the life of our beloved Medical Specialist. Moreover, the Leadership of Ghana Health Services took the plane of our President and authorized by Dr. Anthony Nsiah-Asare, The Presidential Advisor on Health at the Jubilee House to all the way to Nairobi, Kenya in search of an untested Rheumatoid Arthritis chemical drug, Actemra, produced by Genentech with its demonic side-effects according to the information supplied by the company and published on June 2019 on its website. The manufacturer gives a Stern warning to doctors in regards to the usage of the drug. Here are some of the deadly Adverse Reactions, Risk of Hepatotoxicity (Liver Failure), Jaundice, Gastrointestinal Perforation, Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, Nasopharyngitis, Headache, Hypertension; and not be initiated with patients with (ANC) Absolute Neutrophil Count below 2000 per mm3. All that the company is saying that if the Immune System is weak do not take it because the chemical drug shall destroy totally destroy the Immune System.

Then, the question that comes to mind is why would the Allopathic Medical Practitioners taking care of our Renowned Medical Specialist, Professor Jacob Plange-Rhule who had Coronavirus and whose Immune System was pretty weak would be prescribed such deadly Immune System destroying chemical drug in the first place?

These same non-critical thinkers are parading themselves as the Leaders and Medical Scientists of Ghana Health Services at the detriment of Mother Ghana.

The reason the leadership of Ghana Health Services refusing to use Our Potent Herbal Products produced by Our Competent Wholistic Medical Scientists is not based on scientific facts but rather on mere ignorance.

Our hard work and Renowned President Akufo Addo should intervene and allow Our Competent Wholistic Medical Scientists who have produced products from our Potent Herbs to cure our Pandemic Coronavirus patients and put an end to the useless conflated ego of the so-called leaders of the current Ghana Health Services. Please let us put Ghana first!

Rev. Yaw Obeng-Aduasare, M.Div. (Master of Divinity)

New York City
[email protected]
April 19, 2020

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