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04.05.2020 Feature Article

The Deep CHASM Between Expert Scientists In Madagascar And Our So-Called Expert Scientists In Ghana On COVID-19 Nightmare

The Deep CHASM Between Expert Scientists In Madagascar And Our So-Called Expert Scientists In Ghana On COVID-19 Nightmare
LISTEN MAY 4, 2020

Fellow Ghanaians there are two classes of trained Scientists in Africa who have been schooled in Western Universities at the expense of their respective countries. The first group has the ability to perform the skills she or he has been taught and gets Ph.D. in that given field; however, the individual is incapable to apply the skills learned to find solutions to a contextual problem that would pop-up in his own country. Such a group of people lacks Critical-Thinking Skills to create anything for the benefit of society.

In Pedagogy, they are classified as educated robots who lack creative skills to apply what is learned to solve problems in a real-life situation. In fact, they cherish titles and brag about their field of study and expect everyone to worship them due to their hollow certificates. Such people live in a Match-Box existence and they refuse to get out of their narrow Match-Box experience to see various realities staring at them just outside their box.

Fellow Ghanaians, that is the reason that a whole Secretary to the Ghana Medical Association could pop up his chest and rant, " I would not endorse Herbal Products to treat the Pandemic Coronavirus patients in Ghana". However, the World Health Organization does not have a cure for the Pandemic and he, himself has not come up with anything to help as a scientist to assist his country.

Moreover, he would have the audacity to block our Competent Wholistic, Scientific Medical Practitioners to use their time-tested Potent Herbal Products to heal the Pandemic Coronavirus patients in our Government Hospital because he is in a position to do so at the detriment of the whole country.

My people, these so-called Experts among us are still looking at their shoulders to get permission from the Western Pharmaceutical Establishment which controls the World Health Organization to come out with a Vaccine with its deadly side-effects, automatically sanctioned by WHO to make more money out of Africans.

My Fellow Africans, this is the reason I applaud the Leadership of the Ministry Health and their Expert Scientists in Madagascar for coming out with their Covid-19 Organics derived from the Artemisia Plant to tame the Pandemic Coronavirus. The Expert Scientists in Madagascar did not look at their shoulders to get permission from The Hawks at WHO to save the whole of Africa.

Fellow Africans, this is the second group of Expert Scientists who have applied their Critical-Thinking Skills to create products to solve their contextual Medical, Social, Economic, and a World Health Problem. In fact, our Expert Scientists who are Critical Thinkers do not need the approval of WHO, controlled by Western Pharmaceutical Companies to use our own Potent Herbs to heal ourselves as Human Beings created in God's own image.

My people, I was expecting The Black Star of Africa to have taken the lead in getting out of the jaws of WHO but our current Leadership at our Ghana Health Services did not shine at this time, and we applaud the Leadership of the Malagasy Government for African Emancipation drive.

Rev. Yaw Obeng-Aduasare, M.Div. (Master of Divinity)
New York City

Yaw Obeng-Aduasare
Yaw Obeng-Aduasare, © 2020

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