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15.12.2019 Feature Article

Save Me From Misery As European Villages Have Developed Than Accra City

A village called Gavoi in Italy
LISTEN DEC 15, 2019
A village called Gavoi in Italy

A village consists of a group of houses built to meet the needs of rural dwellers, therefore, the latter gives a better understanding that the people are not living in towns or cities.

People living in villages often actively engaged in farming or agricultural activities. In Africa, everyone has an idea about the experience of life in a village.

In Africa, if a village is mentioned, everyone thinks of a thatched-roofed mud or straw house, without any development, such as electricity, good road, medical care and a good source of drinking water.

I have this kind of definition of a village in my entire life until I came to Europe decades ago and realized that that definition doesn't reflect on what is called a village in Europe but actually reflects on rural dwellers in an African village.

Have you ever had the opportunity to visit any of the dwelling places throughout Europe that the Europeans called them a village? Believe me, if you get that chance, you'll agree with me that most of the so-called villages in Europe are developed than Accra or any city in Ghana.

If in Accra or in other cities in Ghana, it's easy to see dirty environments, such as stinking rubbish, opened sewages, smelly mosquitoes-breeding gutters and choked-stagnant disease pools, yet you can't find such health hazards and environmental degradation in a European village, then you must agree with me that European villages are developed than all the cities in Ghana.


This is a typical village in Ghana
In Europe, there are many villages that are not inferior to the capital's attractions in the originality of their architecture, and the incredibly picturesque nature around them can cause genuine delight even for experienced travelers or tourists.

If you're fed up with the noisy and chaotic atmosphere in the cities and you are in the mood for a romance at a quiet place, then it's better to visit a village in Europe. Why it is called a village is something I don't understand.

Is it because the people who live there are mostly engaged in agricultural activities, livestock rearing, and factory manufacturings? They have electricity, a good source of drinking, a clean environment, beautiful green fields, and farms.

I lived in an Italian village called Sacrofano, a few kilometers from Rome, for almost three years and never saw the filthiness in Accra anywhere in that Italian village.

European countries are making money through tourism because of their splendid polluted-free villages, let alone their beautiful cities, such as Vienna, Budapest, Amsterdam, Antwerp, France, etc, yet it's just a laughing matter if you actually know what Ghana earns in tourism.


A bird's eye-view of Gavoi village
Some of the villages have shores, with ancient architectural designed houses, surrounded by parks, secular gardens, majestic mountains descending to the coast, sometimes gentle slopes, steep and various sea landscapes.

This is one of the reasons, most of the European villages have become center for excursions and tours.

Accra is filthy and stinks, with many houses without toilets, therefore, it is very common to see open defecation in many places, after over six decades of independence.

In my opinion, it's a total disgrace to acknowledge the fact that European villages have developed than Accra or any city in Ghana. Let's keep Accra clean, let's keep Ghana clean.