Transport Minister sues Law Platform Editor for defamation

  Fri, 10 May 2024
Social News Transport Minister sues Law Platform Editor for defamation

The Transport Minister Kwaku Ofori Asiamah has taken legal action against Jonathan Owusu Asare, the Lead Editor of the Law Platform, following a defamatory publication.

Owusu Asare, in an online article dated May 7, 2024, alleged that the Transport Minister and his wife were dragged to court for purportedly engaging in ‘land grabbing’ with the assistance of state security personnel.

The publication further stated, “The Minister for transport and his wife Mrs Wilhemina Asiamah are due for court on Thursday, the 9th of May, 2024 for unlawfully entering and trespassing on land located at the prime and much sought after Tse Addo residential enclave”.

The Plaintiff stated that the Defendant portrayed him as a criminal who abuses his office.

“The Plaintiff says that the said publication of the Defendant on his website, The Law Platform, is defamatory of the Plaintiff’s hard-earned reputation as a public servant with several years of service.

“The Plaintiff avers that in terms of the comments made by the Defendant, pleaded in Paragraph 7 above, the Defendant meant and was understood to mean that the Plaintiff is a criminal, taking forcefully what does not belong to him and the abusing his office as a public officer.”

Among other things, Kwaku Ofori Asiamah is seeking compensatory damages, and a retraction and publication of an apology.

“An order directed at the Defendant to retract the said defamatory statement made about the Plaintiff and published on The Law Platform online portal.

“An order directed at the Defendant to publish an apology to the Plaintiff in the following manner; i. By making three (3) publications of the apology on The Law Platform online portal ii. By making one publication in a national daily newspaper”.