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28.08.2019 Feature Article

'Pure' In The Morning The I-Report From Kumasi

'Pure' In The Morning The I-Report From Kumasi
LISTEN AUG 28, 2019

Kwame Adinkra, Kojo Marfo, Eunice Attakora Manu and the other production magnets on The Morning Drive have all done well by bringing something new and refreshing to their breakfast show in Kumasi and beyond.

It is Kumasi and beyond because their breakfast show is not only heard or listened to on the 95.7 frequency but also streamed live via the station's website online.

Since hitting the airwaves from early this year, the question was once again asked as to whether Ghana and for that matter Kumasi, needs another radio station.

This question crops up every now and then due to the nature of the copy and pasting mechanism of both content and programming of many radio stations doing the same thing again and again.

However, with the emergence of Pure FM, there is a segment within the breakfast show that is gathering and garnering plaudits and momentum with some audience, and that is the 'I-Report' segment.

Arguably, the purpose and reasons of the existence of a radio station is to impart and impact the society it serves through the collection, collating and reporting of news. And in other senses, it is used as a vehicle of communication, companionship and relaxation.

The sticking point of Pure FM as a radio station, unique without equal, is the fact that, it allows it audience and listeners to partake in the news delivery, by 'reporting' into the breakfast show with their versions of news from their own perspective and locations.

It looks and sounds very unique and powerful because it involves the listeners. And that makes it compelling, engaging and interesting.

But the multi billion Dollar question is that, with professional journalists, there is the probability of Check, Check and Check again, before any news story makes it on to the airwaves, as journalism and news reporting demands. And that is if in any doubt of a particular news story.

So, if that be the case, how are some listeners going to be trusted with their news stories and contributions. And how is the veracity and authenticity of their news stories going to be gauged.

Aside this worry, the Drive Time of DJ Slim and Koo Sebor 'The Emotional Tiger' are also doing a great job by driving their listeners purely to their various destinations, while DJ Aroma 'grills and drills' his fans live with 'PURE FUN'.

As the station heads towards its first anniversary somewhere early next year, will Kwame Adinkra at the helm of affairs as the Chief Operations Officer move the station further up the ladder or some notches lower?

Do not forget that from 'Angel In The Morning', Kwame Adinkra was heard of in the capital Accra at Atinka as Abusua came knocking and calling just for Pure FM to sign him back into the folds of ABN.

For now, cross your fingers as a listener or a radio enthusiast while you enjoy what comes up next for Kwame Adinkra and his radio personalities as you listen to Pure FM in Kumasi and beyond.


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