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26.05.2019 Feature Article

Truly, "Atwetwa mmene biara suro aheya nna" - Shame on NDC!


I am emotionally disgusted by the frequent high-pitched accusatory noises of Election 2020 rigging being shamelessly made without foundation by the top hierarchy of NDC against the Chair of the Electoral Commission, Mrs Jean Mensah. Subsequently, I am moved to publish this rebuttal against their reckless, frivolous and vexatious allegations against her. No wonder that the evil they did in the recent past is haunting them hence the manifestation of "the evil that men do lives after them" scarily staring them in the face.

As a criminal is always afraid to suffer the perpetration of crimes against them by other perceived criminals, they always rush to blame their perceived criminals in attempts to court public sympathy while inciting the public against the alleged criminal. This is exactly what the NDC gurus including former President John Dramani Mahama, now the NDC flag bearer, and the NDC Secretary General Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, among others, are doing. They have gone wild like a hungry lion looking for a prey to devour in their false accusation against the Chair of the Ghana Electoral Commission in relation to rigging the Election 2020 for NPP.

No wonder that I have titled this publication about their hallucinations as, "Atwetwa mmene biara suro ayeya nna". This in graphic explanation means, "anyone keen on slitting people’s throats is always afraid to lie with their face up fearing someone else will come along to cut their throat" Actually, a criminal is always afraid of a fellow criminal.

The NDC are suffering from what is a guilty conscience. During the time of the sacked self-incriminated, corrupt and incompetent Chair of the Electoral Commission, Mrs Charlotte Osei, the NDC saw her as a saint and did support all her obviously obstinate actions publicly deplored as having the potential to disturb the peace of the country by plunging it into a civil war. They were always defending her stubborn stance clearly seen to favour the NDC. Most of her actions clearly showed that the woman was biased and was in for accomplishing a suspicious agenda in favour of the NDC "Looting brigade". Many an occasion did I publish articles advising, chastising or warning her against her deliberate abuse of power and her obstinacy. Did I often not warn her quoting the adage, "Obstinacy is the cause of the horns of the hornbill" yet, she was intransigently neck-deep doing what she had determined to do?

However, as Man proposes but God disposes, meaning "Human beings can make any plans they want, but it's God that decides their success or failure", Charlotte Osei and NDC’s diabolical collusion failed, falling like a pack of cards before their own widely opened eyes to their astonishment.

The NDC, because of their once collusion with Charlotte Osei to rig Election 2016 in their favour, see the modernizations meant to streamline the Ghana electoral processes to rid the system of any attempts of rigging to ensure sanity in Ghana elections as attempts by Jean Mensah to rig Election 2020. This is bollocks!

When the National Identification Authority (NIA) are pruning the acquisition of Ghanaian nationality by way of not accepting the voter cards most of which were obtained by their possessors using National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) card, the NDC are crying foul because they dubiously registered some of their party members who are not Ghanaians by nativity or naturalization. When Jean Mensah is employing genuine methods to rid the electoral processes of any potential rigging and to save Ghana much needed foreign currency that is currently going to a foreign company, the NDC are opposing it hence their unfounded accusations against her.

I shall not go any further as I had written a lot in the past about NDC and Charlotte Osei. Nevertheless, I shall encourage Ghanaians to read or listen to what Jean Mensah has to say by the underlying web and YouTube links.

(EC uncomfortable with foreign firm handling Ghana’s biometric system)

The woman is not, and shall not, rig Election 2020 for anyone. She only wants fairness but as most Ghanaians support evil and pander to criminals, they find her honesty and dedication to duty hard to swallow. I shall be the first person to descend on her like a falling ton of bricks should she be found or detected to be making any attempts to rig any election.

With God we are victorious.
Rockson Adofo
(Sunday, 26 May 2019)

Rockson Adofo
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