John Dramani Mahama on his deceitful campaign advertisements again

Feature Article John Dramani Mahama on his deceitful campaign advertisements again

Fellow Ghanaians, please don’t fall for the propaganda campaign tactics adopted by John Dramani Mahama and his NDC guys to steal your votes come December 7, 2024, general election.

I remember vividly well, or should I say, it is too fresh in my mind, the negative television and radio advertisements mounted by Team “Ede bii keke”, thus, the NDC, headed by John Mahama, during the 2012 electioneering campaign.

They mounted unceasing series of sabotaging advertisements in attempts to rubbish then promised introduction of free Senior High School by NPP presidential-candidate Nana Akufo-Addo. They attacked all the policies and programmes promised by Nana Akufo-Addo, lying to Ghanaians, claiming such programmes were not feasible, let alone, being possible.

Nevertheless, those programmes have turned out to be a huge success. John Mahama and NDC are now claiming to be the originators of those lucrative policies and programmes, obviously known to have been conceived and implemented by the two big brains, Nana Akufo-Addo and Dr Bawumia. Shame on NDC and their Commander-Liar-in-Chief!

Now, they have started fooling Ghanaians again by their mounted political advertisement on the John Mahama’s promise to establish a 24-Hour Economy in Ghana should he win general election 2024.

In the advert, they are telling Ghanaians that a factory currently having a workforce of say, 100 people, will double the number so that the other hundred will do the night shift. He will employ same number of market women working during the day to work during the night.

Let me pause to ask, who will be frequenting the markets from twilight till daybreak to patronise the goods on sale in the markets?

Are Ghanaians with such peanut-sized brains and have a short memory to buy into this completely dishonest promise of establishment of a 24-Hour Economy by John Mahama?

How can he double the workforce of every factory, public and private service establishments to get people working day and night shifts as the mendacious advert purports?

The advert I sighted that has given rise to this publication is overflowing with mendacious propaganda directed at turning the hearts of those politically unsavvy and gullible Ghanaian electorates to vote for him and the NDC.

Had John Mahama not publicly told Ghanaians that during electioneering campaign he will tell his audience both lies and truths provided the sweet lies will turn their heart to him to get them vote for him? Why then fall for his blatant lie of the establishment of a 24-Hour Economy, hook, line, and sinker?

No factory in Ghana could double its workforce overnight, purposefully for the fulfilment of John Mahama’s thoughtless promise of a 24-Hour Economy without other economic factors first being in place.

Will there be the availability of raw materials, market for the goods, skill labour, etc., to necessitate the employment of more people and the running of a 24-hour day and night operation of the factories?

His promise of the 24-Hour Economy is just to fool those shallow-minded Ghanaians who may be partisan and politically polarised, to vote him to power.

For how long will Ghanaians allow themselves to be taken for imbeciles by the NDC, especially, John Dramani Mahama, the self-proclaimed “dead goat” who doesn’t care a hoot about Ghanaians but relishes in playing on their intelligence?

The son of Kumawu/Asiampa soil is coming with a big cane to give Mr Mahama strokes of the cane whenever he lies to the public. I am not lying. I am serious. He will be mentally tortured through exposures by the writer.

Those like-minded liars and dishonest guys publishing non-stop articles in support of him for their parochial and selfish interests, get ready to face the wrath of Rockson Adofo.

Despite the economic challenges facing the Akufo-Addo and Bawumia NPP government, they are more visionary, focused, dedicated, and dynamic than John Mahama and his NDC. Therefore, I entreat Ghanaians not to dare usher in the NDC for they are merely a bunch of visionless liars in pursuit of personal wealth at the expense of the Ghanaian poor masses.

I don’t condone any acts of malfeasance by any political party and politicians, Ghanaians had better take note of that.