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09.05.2019 Opinion

The Ghanaian Youth is only exploited for political power; we deserve better

By Tahiru Lukman
Tahiru Lukman- Development Consultant/ Youth Activist
Tahiru Lukman- Development Consultant/ Youth Activist

In the 1980s I could not relate much with happenings in Ghana because I was very little and could have probably started kindergarten. In the 1990s I was given a party shirt to wear and I grow up admiring the personally of that political figure. I have now come to terms that, the youth are often dragged into political through dogmatism. I have a different view on the Ghanaian youth and politics, for that, I enjoy being a social commentator.

I have come of age and now feel it is time the youth must be charged; duty bearers and or stakeholders must reposition the Ghanaian youth for the future. The political actors send their children to the best schools, ensure the travel abroad for future studies; some also use the connections to get them lucrative jobs. Meanwhile, their children most often are not seen shouting their names and rallying with motor-bikes and even sometimes dye worshiping political chimp pings.

The reality check is that political actors only use the Ghanaian youth to engage in politics of insult; guard them and run errand all in the name of winning political power. It is sad that religious sentiments and ethnic orientations have become convenient avenues for political games. The violence that usually erupts in political seasons is been most initiated by the youth, however, let us acknowledge that the adult class most vying for the political power mastermind such as by mobilizing and financing the youth.

There are only blueprints in the form of youth policies to create and empower the Ghanaian youth, but much has not been done to cater for that; The National Youth Authority, for instance, is dominated by old guards who lack the zeal and vision for the youth. In the case of the Upper West Region for instance, there are only three District offices remaining Districts are youth not found there? The institutional bottlenecks are a clear manifestation that, the youth are scapegoats.

The new trends for graduates youth and business entrepreneurs to now make party office their official duty post is saddening. Look around among yourselves; will you find your “political godfather son? Daughter?”

The youth must, therefore, maximize their potential and not to allow they be overexploited for political gains. While the youth in Malaysia, Singapore & South Korea and well trained and positioned for the future, the Ghanaian youth is narrow- minded and only think to be in the political fraternity is the only way- out to succeed. Ghana must take cautioned and end the exploitation of the youth. The recent experiences in the Arab world are clear demonstration that, the Ghanaian Youth will rise.

Writer: Tahiru Lukman

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