Ghanaians celebrate Dr. Justice Issah Musah Suguru, a United Nations fellow

Feature Article Ghanaians celebrate Dr. Justice Issah Musah Suguru, a United Nations fellow

The untold success story of Dr. Justice Issah Musah Suguru could send shivers to the spin of anybody. His story could be enlisted as one of the greatest inspirational stories of all time. His rise to academic stardom is one his chiefdoms never imagine. Sitting in the Basic Education Examination twice and passing in all instances then becoming a driver’s mate and a cobbler in Asawase- Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Dr. Justice Issah Musah Suguru finally launched his educational carrier by self-finance his school fees as an unknown entrepreneur.

He started his leadership credentials as an Assistant Senior Prefect of Bawku Senior High School in the Upper East Region, Ghana and subsequently became the Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG) president for the University of Ghana Business School, Legon in 2015.

Dr. Justice Issah Musah Suguru hailed from the Widaana Community in the Pusiga District of the Upper East Region, Ghana. He is from the Bissa- Mande Ethnic Groups. Dr. Justice Issah Musah Suguru who is the last born of 11 children to his parents never imagine having his dream near reality. Coming from an environment where at 20 girls will probably be married off and young men only hope is to have more wives and children. Attending a school where no one could barely mention the institutions given deprivation of status was just like a mere formality. Dr. Justice Issah Musah Suguru's story to those who know him is a purposeful one that can inspire the young generation to achieve these feet.

He achieved his entire academic accolade under age 40 by dent of hard work, determination and act of ingenuity. His story is not new to many girls given the media attention have received after obtaining his Ph.D. two years back, his recent contribution to the Glasgow Conference of Party (COP 26) summit in the UK was very much refreshing.

Dr. Justice Issah Musah Suguru had the pleasure to usher in over 160 presidents and government to the conference center. The sparkling dark bright scholar has had the gesture to receive global dignitaries from Barbados to India; France to Germany; the UK to South Africa; Morocco to Ghana, and the likes. Remarkably was the pleasure to receive his country (Ghana) head of state President Nana Addo Danqua Akufo Addo and the Former President of the United State of America (President Barrack Obama).

The attention of the well-wishers and admirers and not only to the in-depth contribution of Dr. Justice Issa Musah Suguru to literature, development and change; rather raising the flag of Ghana so high on the global scale.

The author had time to scan through various social media platforms to appreciate the message of gratitude that keep pouring. One Ghanaian who has been a close friend and brother to Dr. Justice Issah Musah Suguru is the Chief Executive Officer of Ideapath Consult and Youth Activist, Mr. Tahiru Lukman who was a classmate to Dr. Justice had this to say;

This is an iconic picture that can inspire children of the Widaana community in the Upper East Region to all parts of the world. The story of a young man with a humble beginning to a global change ambassador. Congratulations to Dr. Justice Issah Musah Suguru. He concluded.

Mr. Rasheed Ayanaba the 2004 year group Students Representative Council (SRC) president added; over very own.

Another old boy of the Bawku Senior High School, Avoka Nelson had this to say;

Our very own indeed, he is an embodiment of a great leader with resilient humble beginnings and you can already tell how the future would be god’s willing!

Mr. Abdul Rahaman Abukari equally added;

Congratulations bro, my GRASAG president 2015, UG. He is such a humble brilliant and eloquent guy. I remembered after just an interaction with him we ended up not only supporting him but campaigning for him at SPH.

Adam Kamil Madrisdista On his part wrote; Dr. Justice we are proud of you. Go higher and keep making us and mother Bawsco proud.

To Jay ‘‘Dr. Justice… at our days in Legon it was clear you were meant to break barriers…..where you are now is not surprising to me…

Dr. Justice Issah Musah Suguru is local only a Ghanaian scholar equally a global brand and the Bawku Senior High School Old Students Association (BOSA), the University of Ghana and the people of Ghana celebrate him for his profound success.

We continue to celebrate hard-earned achievement and excellence.

Congratulations to Dr. Justice Issah Musah Suguru!

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