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30.04.2019 PNC News

NDC, NPP Militia Talks Waste Of Time, Resources– Bernard Mornah

By News Desk
The leaders of NPP and NDC have agreed to the 'peace talks'
LISTEN APR 30, 2019
The leaders of NPP and NDC have agreed to the 'peace talks'

PNC Chairman Bernard Mornah has belittled the militia talks between NDC and NPP saying it's a complete waste of time and resources.

“This meeting is a waste of our time and resources,” Bernard Mornah told Mamavi Owusu Aboagye on the AM Show on the Joy News channel Tuesday.

According to Mornah, the activities of the political militia are criminal and their members and financiers should be dealt with under the law.

“Why must NDC and NPP go to a meeting to dialogue on what is already wrong,” he quizzed.

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Members of pro-NPP Delta Force stormed a court in Kumasi to free their colleague suspects on trial

The PNC Chairman fears the two biggest parties are creating a dangerous precedent.

In his opinion, should the NDC and the NPP fade out, the succeeding politicos may repeat exactly what they are doing today and simply use dialogue to solve criminal acts.

Mornah is also unimpressed with the “Vigilantism and Related Offenses Bill 2019,” which seeks to outlaw these groups.

He says laws already exist to deal with the hooliganism these groups engage in.

However, a member of the NDC’s legal team, Abraham Amaliba, who was also on the show saw little basis for Mornah’s argument.

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Amaliba said the talks are necessary to uproot the canker of party militias

According to the lawyer, dialogue has solved conflict and its related issues in Ghana better than the law has.

He referenced the Dagbon conflict where Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II led a dialogue to solve the decades-old chieftaincy dispute after Supreme Court rulings failed to do same.

Amaliba said the dialogue will give the platform to unveil issues that may otherwise be buried.

Mornah however, said if the law enforcement institutions are strengthened and depoliticised the issue of political party militia would be ended.

What has come out of the talks?

On Monday, the NDC and the NPP agreed to include selected Civil Society Organisations, the clergy and security institutions in the talks to disband the militia groups.

There is however, an option to include other authors should the current ones deem necessary.

President Akufo-Addo gave the directive for the meeting after a by-election in Accra turned bloody when armed men stormed the residence of the NDC candidate.

There is a Bill on the floor of Parliament to deal specifically with political violence.