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19.04.2019 Feature Article

Akufo- Addo Repeats Mahama’s Dark Era: Wake Up Nana

Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana
LISTEN APR 19, 2019

Nana Addo is repeating the mistake of Mahama which threw him out of the house. Nana Addo must see to it that this electricity crises is resolved.

The privatization of the ECG has failed due to their inability to solve power shortage in the nation. The aim behind the privatization was to hand over the company to a so called competent management. But how competent have they been? Before they took over, the old management team was able to supply if not enough, an appreciable power which the ordinary citizen could also watch television. Here we are as we have been sent back to the Mahama era. The Mahama era was an era of darkness. Darkness in the sense that there wasn’t consistent supply of electric power but a consistent cut of power, living industries in complete darkness of their productive stage. The Nana Addo era saw that privatizing the ECG was the best way to solve the electricity problem we face as a nation. As afore mentioned, the aim for doing what they did have not been achieved. Ghana is getting into an eclipse of the sun again. Today there is light out, the next morning it continues.

The management of the ECG have come out several times to assure Ghanaians that this will be over soon. They have said that there have been some leakages on some pipes that transfer gas to other sources. They came again saying that that problem have been solved. But here are Ghanaians in darkness.

Productive work: industries that use electricity 24/7 are on the halt. Production does not flow as it should as the result of power cut every day. How will the economic production of Ghana increase with this unresolved canker? Count the number of industries that depend on electric power. Measure the loss of production per a day as a result of the ECG to supply adequate power. What becomes of a country who is unable to produce? You know the answer better than I do.

Offices: offices in Ghana likewise depend on electric power to work. From the printing presses to the pass port office. Could one count the number of times workers have reported to work but are idle? There is no work to do since there is no power. Almost every aspect of the human person makes use of electric power.

In the hospitals: many patience in the theatre room have to die at the moment power is cut. Imagine the number of lives that Ghana has lost due to this. Count them if you can. Number your own relative who have suffered perish form this power cut. Hmmm! It is enough. Ghana must sit up and rethink out permanent solution to this scorching problem.

The ordinary citizen to must watch television to supplement the hard economy. But he arrives home and there is no light. He is cut off from the world. He is unable to know what is happening. He is left in the warm.

To Nana Addo: Dumsor as we know, a vocabulary contributed By Ghana into the English dictionary seems to have come to stay with Ghana. Nana, you promised to alleviate this disease that the nation was facing. You have put measures in place but they have not been enough. This suggests that there is more room for improvement. Wake up Nana Addo! Do not repeat the Dark Era of Mahama lest you would be thrown out of the windows of Ghana. Ghanaians still trust you and believe that you can deliver. All they ask is that you wake up.

Emmanuel Graham Nyameke
Emmanuel Graham Nyameke, © 2019

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