State of National Emergency In Ghana

Feature Article State of National Emergency In Ghana

Its terrifying living in Ghana now. The President of the republic has made life in the country terrifying than Boko Haram’s operations in the Northern part of Nigeria 🇳🇬. The economic situation in the country now has sophisticated the lives of Ghanaians except for the political class who continue to loot, steal, and enrich themselves at the expense of the poor, supervised by the President. Nana Addo with his security appointees continue to execute their plans of arresting any Ghanaian-citizen, who criticizes some of his bad policies.

Democracy is being threatened already under the President who prides himself to uphold the rule of law. And my biggest surprise is that the US has refused this act of government terrorizing happening in Ghana. Perhaps, they want to wait like usual when the situation has worsened before they fly their planes here to evacuate Ghanaians. All international bodies, the UN, EU, are quiet about the treatment the Nana Addo government is taking Ghanaians through. I am careful not to mention any of such unions in Africa since they have in the past shown to be failures. We wait to see you roll your tongue to say a word when we try to figure out solutions for ourselves. You have refused to see the following:

  2. The injustices happening in the courts
  3. The Police brutalities
  4. The Parliamentary fights
  5. The MPs use of V8s and long convoys
  6. The President’s insensitive expenses
  7. The lack of stable educational system
  8. The lack of infrastructures
  9. The lack of enough hospitals
  10. The continuous lies from the Vice President
  11. The fact that prices of goods and services continue to gallop every moment
  12. The fact that government continues to waste national monies
  13. The fact that government cannot account to the nation
  14. The fact that parliament refuses to hold people accountable to the nation
  15. The fact that galamsey is ongoing and government has done less to help the situation
  16. The fact that water bodies in the country have been destroyed
  17. The fact that a sachet of what is averagely sold at 30 peswas
  18. The fact that government are starving government workers
  19. The fact that there is poor conditions of service for many government workers
  20. The fact that the ex-gracia for MPs and others are abnormal
  21. The fact that the constitution of Ghana needs to be reviewed
  22. The fact that the President has so much power to do whatever he wills even when he has to supervise stealing
  23. And the fact that media men are being taught to shut up with those arrests
  24. And the fact that only “State-owned” media present what is happening in the country; as colorful as the President wants it
  25. And the fact that the President is always ordering the arrest of anyone who speaks against some of his bad policies.

You international observers, when things are going your way, you do not observe anything. Pray it bounces back, and then you will observe. What more do you need to to call Nana Addo and his ruling friends in Ghana 🇬🇭 Tyrants, very insensitive with his licensed Vice President Bawumia the liar? Or perhaps, your definition of who a terrorist is has changed. Or is it that the President has not started using machine-guns as is happening in Ukraine that is why you don’t see there have been a terrorist attack on Ghanaians? Already, people are getting arrested for speaking against the President and some of his bad policies. If you did not like the ruling of Idi Ami, then, be quick about capturing his incarnate in Ghana 🇬🇭. Or Ghanaians will adopt new ways to Karl Marx’s methods to provide solutions. 🇬GHANA 🇬🇭 IS IN A STAE OF EMERGENCY AND J. J. RAWLINGS SHOULD HAVE LIVED TO SEE THIS. This letter was served to Joe Biden by Emmanuel Graham Nyameke-a citizen, required by my president not to be a spectator. Sincerely yours.