28.02.2023 Feature Article

African Youths Still Have Confidents In Their Old Laggards: The Nigerian Mistake

African Youths Still Have Confidents In Their Old Laggards: The Nigerian Mistake
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Ghanaian youths will never dream of throwing their future into the hands of those 60 years and above laggards as Nigerian youths are about making those mistakes. Ghanaian youths have learned their lessons from the deceit of the older ones who society perceived to be wise for the gray hairs they have.

With the flashy talks from those old laggards, and because of curiosity, Ghanaian youths in 2016 voted for a man who was then over 70 years and was nearing his grace as the holy books predicted. The laggard made the youth believe he was the long awaited messiah. His promise of jobs and money in the pockets of individuals, as well as a free SHS coerced them to vote for him without any hesitation.

Soon, the first 4 years of his office had come to a close and the hardships in the country was just becoming a celebrity. Yet, following the words falling from the seemingly wise older person, a 4 MORE TO DO MORE movement sunk with the youths and eventually, they voted for him.

Hmm 🤔! Here are Ghanaian youths whose lives are more like in hot oven having thrown their fate into a man who has outlived his own life. The pain of regret has stayed with Ghanaian youths for the past 7 years, and I am sure it will continue to live in the memory of those who will grow bearing great love for Ghana.

But you know something, my dear Nigerian youths, you’re on the path to repeating the very mistakes the Ghanaian youths made some 7 years back. Today, you’re happily receiving the elections report from the various states; and you’re happier that the laggard is leading in the election pool. Never say Ghanaian youths didn’t warn you. They did. You perceived the words of an old man to be salvation. Remember, the older the president is, the retrogressive the vision of the country goes. You can look at him and imagine the calibre of his cabinet ministers. Never say Ghanaian youths didn’t tell you. This mistake you are committing today will forever hunt you.

Good luck for the choice you are making. From your Ghanaian brother, Emmanuel Graham Nyameke.