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18.04.2019 Feature Article

It Hurts So Much That No One Really Cares About Mozambique In Innocent Africa - Fuse ODG

Opinion Photo Credit: Vatican News

It hurts so much that no one really gives a damn about Mozambique in innocent Africa currently drowning in water and thousands dying, hundreds of kids orphaned after the cyclone but a building in Paris on fire, no deaths and everyone crying and posting,’ Fuse ODG wrote, as if to remind us of the value we have as human beings.

It seems we are placing too much value in things that do not, in any way, compete with human lives and Fuse ODG is hurt about it.

Think about the thousands dying in Mozambique and how silent the media has been.

Meek Mill, commenting on this, said: ‘I wonder why social media in America never support African tragedies.’

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Rex Krampa
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