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01.12.2005 NDC News

Obuasi NDC in crisis

By the Servant
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Some members of the Obuasi Constituency branch of the National Democratic Congress (N. D. C.) and some immediate past officers of the constituency executive committee have issued a strong protest statement to the party outfit over the conduct of the constituency elections held recently in Obuasi.

The three page protest letter addressed to the party's Ashanti Regional Chairman and copied to his Excellency former president Rawlings, the council of elders, the party's flag bearer, the N D. C. parliamentary caucus and the National Secretariat among other key personalities was signed by about 51 polling unit co-ordinators of the party as well as some immediate past executives.

According to the protestors, the party's constitution and regulations on the conduct of elections was seriously violated. They are thus requesting that the elections be nullified and fresh polls conducted.

They argue that some members of the party who were charged with the responsibility of overseeing the elections had vested interest and hence, ignored all laid down procedures.

They specifically accused the elections committee chairman Clement Sangaparee of organizing the conference without the prior knowledge of the late chairman Alhaji Abubakari Ocquaye and then the secretary Salifu Baba Issaka.

As part of the inefficiencies in the organization of the elections, the protestors said the elections committee and a group of other “hijackers” manipulated the list of conference delegates and kept to selected few instead of making the list available to all contestants.

The former constituency secretary Salifu Baba Issaka told “The Servant” in an exclusive interview that at a point in time, the signals were clear that there was deliberate attempt to sideline all old officers and replace them with new ones which they've successfully done though what they term dubious and foul means.

“At a time, Mr. Sangaparee deliberately kept nominations forms away from us and kept them in his house instead of the party office, an indication that he wanted us out” the former secretary stressed.

“He at times hid himself from those who wanted to pay their filing fees, “he added.

He also revealed that, elections in about 43 out of the 121 polling units in the constituency were not held as virtually all delegates who attended the constituency conference were hand picked.

Baba Issaka intimated that only one out of the twenty two eligible vacancies was contested for as all others were declared unopposed.

Sadly however, the Ashanti Regional Chairman was also accused in the letter of blatantly ignoring several protests and complaints by the aggrieved supporters and going ahead to supervise the controversial polls.

Another member who was contesting for the post of deputy constituency organizer Emmanuel Ahiable told this paper that some of the current executives elected in the controversial polls are not card bearing members thus constitutionally ineligible.

When the current constituency chairman Clement Koffie was contacted on the protest letter, he denied having knowledge of the said letter and thus refused to comment.

The elections committee chairman Clement Sangaparee however described the numerous allegations as baseless and unfounded, saying the party hierarchy must treat them with the contempt they deserve.

Reacting to the specific allegations he alleged t hat the three front liners namely Issaka Baba, Rockson Bukari and Ahiable deceived the 51 signatories who signed their protest letter without explaining their motive.

On the misconception that he conveyed the congress with the knowledge of the then chairman and secretary, Mr. Sangaporee showed to us letters signed by the then secretary given him the terms of reference for holding the election and then asked “if they were not aware, how come they presented to me a letter spelling out the terms of reference.

He said the protestors were a bunch of “Lazy” party members who folded their arms when the polling branch organizations was being held, hence knew that defeat stared at them if they contested.

He denied categorically, having manipulated the delegates' list nor keeping nominations forms away from anybody. He also said 161 delegates out of the 271 voted, a figure way above the two-thirds required. He showed to our reporter copies of application and nominations forms presented and filled respectively by the ex-secretary andthe late chairman.

Mr Sangapaare alleged that to add insult to injury, the protestors after sensing defeat unilaterally boycotted the vetting process although they were duly informed.

He added that behind those protestors are a bunch of aggrieved supporters most of whom have been sanctioned by the party hierarchy.

Although he would not mention specific names, he told this paper that the party will soon take a decision on the conduct and behavior of those agitators.

Meanwhile painstaking investigations by “the Servant” has revealed that some members of the old executive committee who feel embittered have constituted themselves into a committee and have been holding secret meetings at undisclosed locations.

These aggrieved members told our reporters that they would advise themselves if justice is not done.

They however failed to explain for now the details of what they meant to advise themselves

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