Sat, 05 Jan 2019 Feature Article

Developed Countries Do Not Care About Africa But Not Ebola

Christian aid charity Samaritan#39;s PurseChristian aid charity Samaritan's Purse

There is fierce political violence going on in Congo, refugees are fleeing their country towards Uganda, while many health officials face the threat of lynching, yet some organizations from foreign countries are taking the risk to fight Ebola from spreading, why?

Christian aid charity Samaritan's Purse is to open a treatment center in the Democratic Republic of Congo to help battle an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus there. Who is Christian aid charity Samaritan’s Purse?

The Samaritan's Purse is an evangelical Christian humanitarian aid organization that provides aid to people in physical need as a key part of Christian missionary work. The organization's president is Franklin Graham, son of Christian evangelist Billy Graham.

Here it’s clear to understand why America is scared after deliberately inflicting Ebola virus in West Africa in 2014, and recent outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite deploying Ebola detection device in all the 50 states, the US Government can’t sleep, still scared, because of the Aids experience which backfired for America to have a taste of their own evil medicine.

Thus, the Samaritan'Purse wants to make every necessary effort to prevent the spread of the deadly virus from getting to Europe and America.

ModernGhana reference: Why America Deploys Ebola Detection Equipment In All 50 States?

Now Ebola outbreak in Congo is in its seventh month. Described as the second worst ever by the World Health Organization, the unworthy health organization is warning that fighting around the disease hotspots of Beni and Butembo risks undoing progress in combating it.

Of the 608 people thought to have been infected, 368 have died, and there has been a sharp upsurge in the number of cases during the last few weeks. Tension and rioting around DRC's presidential election have seen treatment centers hit and vaccination and tracing programs affected.

Samaritan's Purse has maintained a presence in the country for the last eight years. It has constructed five isolation centers and provided infection protection and control training for 15 local health centers.

The new 20-bed treatment center, which can be expanded to 60 beds if needed, was flown out to the DRC in November. A 21-member disaster assistance response team left for the DRC on December 26 and additional staff have since arrived in the country, Samaritan's Purse said.

Megan Vitek, its international health unit programme manager, said Samaritan's Purse had been working in the northeast region of the DRC months before the first Ebola cases on community awareness campaigns and that teams were helping to educate people on Ebola symptoms and control.

'The Lord put us there, months before for a reason – to be able to love and care for this community in the midst of a deadly epidemic,' she said. 'Please pray for our team as they work tirelessly to set up this treatment center and fight this disease with every patient they touch.'

No problem, Samaritan’s purse, Africa will pray for you, despite that our faith in God has been taken as stupidity by the US government and the West to commit every crime on the continent of Africa with impunity.