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16.06.2018 Feature Article

Patisanism: A Demonic Antagonist To Ghana’s Development

Patisanism: A Demonic Antagonist To Ghana’s Development

Partisaning Ghana’s development is demonic and it hinders her growth. Let’s us stop partisaning Ghana’s development. The log that is blocking our vision to development is partisanism. Partisanism has done enough harm than good to the Ghanaian environment.

Did we all not wail for change? Did we all not wail for economic development? Did we not cry for better lives? Did we not want a better Ghana? What sense do we make of the better Ghana agenda if we still wallow partisanism? We sit in houses and talk of change but when change is on its way, we boycott it with our party blindness and an extreme form altruism for party affiliations. Have we not grown older enough to differentiate from voting for change and ensuring that that change we wanted is realize and for that matter have to eschew any form of partisanism from our blood? Do not make partisanism a type of blood group that you think you belong to and that nothing can be done to eradicate it.

Partisanism is not a type of blood group that you belong to. Stop this canker for it is killing the nation. Stop this chronic disease for it is eating Ghana off. What type of change do you want if I may ask? What type of change were you wailing for if not foolefoo change that you cried out for? In fact, if there have been a law that allows execution if people found to be corrupt, I don’t think some of us Ghanaians will sit in our comfortable homes, fight those fighting corruption.

Corruption has been the very contagious disease that is spreading viral in our part of the world. We all have to fasten our belts and support to government to fight this disease. If this disease were to be reported to the hospital, we would have known the number of patients who are losing their lives to this disease daily. But it is rather unfortunate that it isn’t a hospital illness but a social infection that has affected the Ghanaian society thereby making her grow leaner and leaner. Do not approve any form of corrupt act by your ignorant altruistic partisanism. Where do we want to steer the direction of fighting corruption in Ghana to? Let’s us fight corruption and not favour corrupt people. Corruption is done by people so it is these people that we will fight when we say we are fighting corruption. Yes, some institutions may also be corrupt but it is the people in the institutions that get the institutions corrupt. Whether it is the institution or the individual that is corrupt, corruption is still corruption and we have to fight it. Let me ask you a question. Did you ever think that we were going to just make noise about people being corrupt and just let it be like that as we did in the past? No way! We are fighting it to the end till its last blood is drained.

Consider the form our Ghanaian education system has taken as a result of this partisanism. I began the study of partisanlogy for the past nine years and have come to a drastic conclusion that it is a disease that is so contagious than hypethatise B. We need to kill this form of spiritism that has arisen in us. This is what is destroying our education system. Our education system have turned to be party affair. Party A comes to power and desires that the education system should be this and that. Party B comes to the seen and boycotts whatever party A instituted and implement its own plans. Instead of continuing what Party A did and making it work, we dismantle everything and begin everything afresh. This is resulting in cos 90 as far as Ghana’s development is concerned. Why don’t we think rather of how to make our educational institutions think of producing products that can come out and establish firms to create employment rather than formulating new plans based on our partisan emotions like a man who will agree to anything the woman wants because he has been blinded by erotic love for her. Let’s us stop partisaning our education system.

Ghana does not belong to any party. Ghana will not see development if we continue this partisanism.

Emmanuel Graham Nyameke
Emmanuel Graham Nyameke, © 2018

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