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Aids And Ebola Are Medical Crime Sanctions Affecting Africa’s Growth And Development

Aids And Ebola Are Medical Crime Sanctions Affecting Africa’s Growth And Development

Goodbye Ebola? Not at all, the disease still remains a threat in Africa because of the nature of the virus

“Aids and Ebola are medical crime sanctions against Africa to retard the growth of the continent, depopulate Africa, to generate money for the corrupt pharmaceutical companies, in search of power over African leaders and the continents’ vast resources, by the US and Western Europe governments, and the corrupt mainstream media such as CNN and BBC have made it possible”- Joel Savage

The first outbreak of Ebola virus disease was reported in Democratic Republic of Congo in 1976, in a community near to Ebola River, that is the reason the virus was given that name.That was a devastating outbreak with 318 cases and 218 deaths for a case fatality ratio of 88%, one of the most deadly outbreaks in history.

Since 1976, 26 outbreaks of Ebola virus has occurred in ten countries of Africa, including Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Gabon, Cote d'Ivoire, South Africa, Uganda. Congo, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia; one of America, the United States of America and one of Europe, Spain.

The background of Ebola
The truth about the virus as a biological weapon like Aids virus has long been created by the US military scientists for warfare purpose has never been published. And nobody must be prepared to read the truth about those two viruses as biological warfare products by the US government because they know what will happen.

Since the Aids virus was tested in Africa, to avoid the truth, websites carry false information about the disease. Likewise, Ebola, about 95% of articles written about the virus online is false including what is on the websites of the Wealth health Organization and Centers for Diseases Control.

One of the false articles people read about Ebola is “The virus is transmitted to people from wild animals and spreads in the human population through human-to-human transmission.” Ebola can be spread through human to human but has nothing to do with the transmission to people from wild animals.

For political reasons and the need to control global population, the viruses of Aids and Ebola were created. Unfortunately, Third World Countries are the victims of this cruelty and clandestine works operated by the US government.

This makes the world more dangerous than ever when the US government creates deadly vaccines and biological weapons to control the growth of overpopulation yet they tell the world that Aids and Ebola viruses are from Chimpanzees and wild animals.

Preparations of biological weapons against Africa

The development of biological weapons that only attack a certain group of people is not new. The South African Wouter Basson, nicknamed 'Doctor Death', was head of the 7th Medical Division of the South African army. He was the leader of 'project Coast' from 1981 to 1993.

This department, which was involved in the development and production of chemical and biological weapons, developed T-shirts with poison. This poison eventually caused fatal heart defects.

His department also commissioned a pill with a substance in it that would make black women infertile. Had Basson at that time had access to the CRISPR-cas method, this would have made his job a lot easier, to say the least.

Recently, Kenyan opposition leader, Raila Odinga, discovered that the government, for some mysterious reason, was hell-bent on misleading the country, while intentionally sterilizing Kenyan girls and women.

“The vaccines were a great crime committed against women. Women should choose when to have children and how to space them,” he said. This happened when a tetanus vaccine swapped for infertility vaccine.

It is important to point out that the belief that tetanus vaccinations sterilizing citizens has been a long time controversy in Kenya and has been disproven prior to these claims.

The shocking fact is while Africa has been targeted, African-Americans have been targeted at the same time in cases some scientists believe there is plot to wipe out the black population. For example, the notorious Tuskegee experiment started in 1932, just before the start of the German National Socialism, which ended in 1972.

Since the experimental project on African-Americans became public, the U.S. government paid out a compensation of ten million U.S. dollars in damages, but apologies are never made. The most shocking part of the story is there was a time Aids virus in Africa was blamed on poverty, yet today Aids has hit African-Americans similarly like Africa, why? This enables readers to form their own judgments.

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How dangerous is Ebola?
Even though Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Republic of Guinea have been declared Ebola-free, the disease keeps on surfacing intermittently, because the virus can lie dormant in a survivor and then re-emerge to affect others.

Ebola can occur again because the immune system struggles to reach the virus which lingers in the body.

Ebola survivors can pass on the virus to partners during sexual contact because of traces of the virus in the semen.

Between thirteen and thirty-four percent of Ebola survivors develop eye inflammation that causes problems from mild disease to blindness.

There have been cases where mothers have infected their babies because the virus lingered in their breast milk.

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