20.08.2005 Crime & Punishment

Nigerians Arrested For Alleged Cyber Fraud

20.08.2005 LISTEN
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The vigilance of a member of the public yesterday led to the arrest of 11 Nigerians for their alleged involvement in a cyber fraud.

The 11 were arrested at the cafe at Dzorwulu in Accra, with forged documents designed to deceive their potential victims.

They are Emmanuel Ihekoronye, 29, Bright Chibule, 27, Frank Igroe, 27, George Okoroafor, 30, Okechukwu Chudu, 32 and Ikemefuna Chukwu, 32.

The rest are Odjegba Oke, 30, Samuel Inyoung, 31, Mogbogu Ikechukwu, 30, Timothy Onyeoma, 27 and Richard Nwokoro, 42.

According to the Deputy Director of CID, Mr Patrick Ampewuah, the police received information that about a month ago, the Nigerians started frequenting the cafe.

According to the information source, the men initially came in hired taxis and sat behind the computers for several hours.

Mr Ampewuah said, the source said he later began to see the changed lifestyle of the men as they came in flashy cars and wore expensive clothes.

He said the source who had lived in Europe for sometime and traded on line, became suspicious and decided to monitor the men and their activities.

The source told the police that he devised a means to monitor all data transmitted through the cafe and discovered that the mails sent by the men were to the effect that some huge sums of money had been lodged in foreign accounts, and for which they demanded monies from clients to facilitate access.

According to Mr Ampewuah, the source disclosed to the police that the men used letterheads of some prominent banks and companies in Ghana and sent the letters to many destinations in Europe and the Americas.

When the source became satisfied with the information he had gathered, he hinted the police who organised a swoop on the cafe and arrested the men.

Mr Ampewuah called on the public to be vigilant and report criminal activities to the police.

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