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25.02.2018 Feature Article

Epistles Of Awakening: Living For Eternity (part 1)

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Once upon a time a young man said to me ‘Shaker, please is premarital sex still a sin? Quickly before I speak there was a quick rebuttal from a brother behind. He answered and said ‘has God revised the bible’?. Which was also a question but it was left unanswered. I started this missive with tears.

Living in generation where youth can storm a church and beat up a pastor and steal the church instruments and walk away satisfying their temporary desire and a generation where lukewarmness in the church has become normal. Then it seems to me that there is much to know about eternity than our present state. Jesus was speaking to his disciples in Mark Chapter Nine verses Forty- three to Fifty that ‘‘ if your hand offend thee, cut it off: it is better to enter LIFE, than having two hands going into a fire that never quenches nor worms died not. And if thy foot offends thee, cut it off: it is better to enter into LIFE, than having two feets enter into hell, into which the fire never quenches’’.

Let me start with a question: don’t we have life already? What other life was Jesus referring to in the scriptures above and the sad thing is He repeated it twice- meaning it’s a serious matter. I asked myself should the trumpet sound now or should I die now, where will I be in eternity? Can I shock you? I couldn’t answer. And anytime you are asked whether you will spend eternity in Heaven or Hell? And you couldn’t answer it simply means you are not ready. The life Jesus was talking about is a life in eternity. From the day we were born till date, it is just a preparation for eternity. Guys, please trust me, eternity will only seek accountability of how we lived our lives on planet earth, because in eternity nothing is changeable. You can’t even bleach your skin. Nothing changes in eternity.

The scripture says as it is appointed unto man once to die and after that Judgement. In other words after our passage on earth everything in eternity remains permanent, because eternity means infinity. Earthly life is a privilege to choose where we want to spend eternity.

Guys we have played for long- we have kept friends who have lured us into drunkenness, prostitution, theft, burglary, sexual immorality, disobedience to parents and all sorts of activities that God spoke about. My sister: eternity is not a time for joke and passivity, eternity is just a step away. If Jesus is saying Cut of your own hands to make heaven, then why cant you cut off your friend who lures you to sin.

Let me end with this: familiarity with your pastor, familiarity with prayer warriors and church governors doesn’t change your place in eternity. No pastor is powerful enough to plead your case in eternity. No intercessor is powerful enough not even Moses and Samuel can change our placement in eternity- eternity is place of permanence, constancy, perfectness and rigidity.

If there is a sin to confess, lets do it now. If there is a character to build, lets do it now. If there is a relationship to scatter to stay pure, lets do it now. If there is friend to leave, lets do it now. If there is a character to divorce, let’s do it now. Because eternity is a step away.

R. Duafah ([email protected])

Richmond Duafah
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