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01.08.2005 Diaspora News

Letter From Morocco

By PRINCE ([email protected])
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I want the whole world to take note that there is a so called ghana union in Rabat Morocco here who said the Ghana Embassy is searching for me and have asked them the union to arrest and bring me to the Embassy.

All they said was: The Ambassador said I am spoiling his work, after the top radio station in Ghana Joyfm interveiwed me some couple of weeks ago and I told them how I and other people are suffering here in Morocco after trying to cross to Europe so we need some help from the Government.

Now sources close have asked me not to allow them send me to the so called union house or i can be DISFIGURED out of beatings and other things and due to my health as a sickler i can in result loose my LIFE.

I was last friday spoted by 5 of their men and they force putting me in a taxi cab around 12:20am mid-night. I was rescued by some Moroccans.

I have officially reported the whole incident to the Police, but i have with-held further information as EVIDENCE for now.

I will be ready to give if they dont stop harrasing me.

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