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Opinion | Dec 30, 2017

Interrogative pronouns in Evhe

Interrogative pronouns in Evhe

By popular request, here is a short lesson on Evhe interrogative pronouns. It seems that some of you want to ask questions in the Evhe language. Here are some basic tools that will enable you to do just that. And of course, if you meet a potential mate while posing any of the questions that you learned from reading this article, you know where to bring your head-drink ;-)!

Pronouns and Interrogative Pronouns
As a part of speech, pronouns feature quite readily in the Evhegbe. A pronoun is any word that can replace a noun. Pronouns can be used as a subject or object in a sentence construction.

An interrogative pronoun is used to ask a question. In Evhe, the question particle “ka” forms a major part of each interrogative pronoun. It literally means “which” in different contexts when it is preceded by a noun or pronoun. Here is a list of interrogative pronouns that contain the question particle ka.

  1. Ameka | Who or which person
  2. Eka | Which one
  3. Nuka | What or which thing
  4. Nukata | Why or which reason

Examples using interrogative pronouns

  1. Ameka nye nyɔnu la? | Who is the woman?
  2. Ameka nye Gabɔn nunɔla la ƒe vi? | Who is the Gabonese president’s daughter?
  3. Ameka ateŋu aɖe Gabɔn nyɔnu? | Who can marry a Gabonese woman?


  1. Eka nye akɔntabula yeyea? | Which one is the new calculator?
  2. Nyɔnu ka nèle didim be abuakɔnta na? | Which woman do you want to render accounts to?
  3. Fatumata ka tso Mali? | Which Fatoumata from Mali?


  1. Nuka dim nèle kple Amerika nyɔnu? | What do want with an American woman?
  2. Nuka le fuɖem na Nana? | What is bothering Nana?
  3. Nuka gbɔm nèle? | What are you smoking?


  1. Nukata Yusu Ndur meɖu nunɔlateƒea o? | Why did Youssou Ndour not win the presidency?
  2. Nukata Dzordz Wea ɖu nunɔlateƒea? | Why did George Weah win the presidency?
  3. Nukata Amerikatɔwo tia Ðonald Trɔmp? | Why did Americans choose Donald Trump?

Hopefully, the four interrogative pronouns and the examples indicated will provide you with enough information on how to use interrogative pronouns in Evhe.

By the way, if you decide to bring your head-drink, remember that I only accept authentically brewed “liha”. Absolutely no Schnapps! You may want to try Da Enyonam’s place at Agbozume for a fresh supply. And that concludes today’s lesson on interrogative pronouns in Evhe. Emegbe (later)! Akpe (thanks)!


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