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14.06.2005 Politics

Tells politicians "you can't deceive Ghanaians again"

Ghanaian Chronicle

THE NATIONAL Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, has opined that Ghanaians have become so discerning on national issues such that politicians in the country could no longer take them for a ride.

He told The Chronicle in an interview that politicians would only be deceiving themselves if they still have the belief that they could make wide electoral promise in their bid to win elections, only for them to turn their backs to those promises when they win power.

"This time, the electorates would always hold the politicians who are voted into power accountable for their promises. So this time round, politicians should know that they should not make promises that they know very well that they cannot fulfill but only makes them for purposes of deceiving the masses to gain more votes," the organizer emphasized.

The NDC guru noted that the intended demonstration in Kumasi by a group calling itself, "The Patriotic Citizens of Kumasi" (PCK) against what it says had been the unfulfilled promises of the government to the people of Kumasi, was very genuine and reflective of how the electorate had become aware of their political rights.

On whether the NDC was happy about the intended demonstration against the ruling party in its own strong base, the former Member of Parliament for Fanteakwa, said the interest of his party only lay in how the country would be properly governed.

He pointed out that the members of the PCK were only embarking on a genuine causee and to also prove that the government can no longer take them for granted.

Touching on the fortunes of his party, Mr. Ampofo expressed optimism that the current political terrain points to an overwhelming victory for the NDC in 2008.

The policies of the ruling government, he said, were so unfavorable to the people of the country that there was no way the voting public was going to forget the sufferings they were going through and vote back the NPP into power 2008.

The former lawmaker said all was well within the party, adding that the perceived intra-party divisions in the party were very normal in any democratic institution such as the NDC.

He told the paper that the necessary formalities and arrangements were being made to ensure that the National Delegates Congress of the party slated to be held in September, this year at Tamale, was carried out successfully.

Mr. Ampofo pointed out that the party had started reorganizing itself at the wards, branches, constituency and regional levels.

On the recent demand by the youth wing of the party for a portion of the party's constitution to be amended to ensure the inclusion of more youth delegates at the party's congress, the national organizer said, the demand of the youth in the party was not out of place and gave the assurance that the issue would be critically looked at.

He further explained to the paper that, the party, in pursuance of its objective to include more women in its decision-making process, had amended its constitution to ensure that two out of the five delegates from each constituency who would be voting at the party's congress would be women.