Kwahus To Shake London

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Kwahus To Shake London
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This Saturday, May 28th, the city of London is going to be on “fire” because of a historical event by “the mountaineers”, the Kwahus in UK and others around the world. This historical because there have been numerous events in London by the Kwahus in London but this particular event is getting a lot of publicity. Numerous articles have been published on Ghanaweb concerning the event.

The story goes that the Presbyterian University in Ghana has decided to raise funds for a Kwahu University. It is termed the “Kwahu University Project” and with the help of the Kwahu Towns Association in the UK, this dream is becoming a reality.

A fund raising event hoping to raise £50,000 to aid in the development, growth and sustainability of the Kwahu University has been scheduled hence the event on May 28th.

It concludes that any supporter or participant's name would go down in history as a memorial on a tabloid whose contribution helped in no small way to establish the pillars of the University.

The event takes place at the Royal National Hotel, Russell Square, London, WC1, from 6pm-1am. TICKET PRICE: £35.00 ONLY.

It is not only a Kwahu affair, it is a Ghanaian affair and it is not only a Ghanaian affair, it is an international affair. The organizers of the event; Kwahu Towns Association UK invites Kwahuman (Obuomma) residents abroad, all Ghanaians and friends of Ghana to be part of this historic venture.

It is about unity and making a difference in their community. The Kwahus are indeed practicing what they preach and this is a step in the right direction.

Ghanaweb would be in London for the coverage and feature it on the “Ghanaians Abroad” segment. The event would also be featured in Ghanaian Times and

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