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10.06.2017 Feature Article

Ghana Will Shine Again For GlobaVille

Opinion Ghana Will Shine Again For GlobaVille

Ghana, the lodestar of Africa, as the founder of the nation usually described it, has to shine again. The leader may eventually retire and hand over leadership to the next in line.

Ghana will do that, maybe very soon, but not until the next stage is dealt with.

The stage we are aiming at as a nation is the governance system that combines democracy with the concern for nature.

Democracy, because it is the most all-incusive and non-discriminating of the governance systems.

Ghana, because she has been in the forefront of the advancement of Sub-Sahara African countries, since the fifties.

Africa because she has been very nature-conscious from the beginning and would rather stay in Globaville than consider resettling on another planet.

Appreciation of nature because keeping and multiplying nature has been humans core commission from inception.

Ghana started with independence from her colonial masters in 1957 to set the pace.

The governance system then was a one-party-state government.

We moved on from there to the military government system.

Ghana may not be the first in this militant governance even in this part of Globaville though, it was the first in the aspect where junior army officers rather took over command and governance.

The military governance has been derecognized by Africa in general to give way to multi-party democracy.

Ghana has experienced twenty four years of that. Very young, compared to the over two centuries by some advanced countries.

However it is time to kickstart this government that I have dubbed VERACRACY.

This goverment will pay attention to nature and attempt its restoration and improved sustenance.

This is how humans are expected to live to earn their keep on earth.

The vandalism and plundering of Globaville, mother earth is enough; it is about time to change and do things well.

This change, whatever degree it exists now, will be led by Ghana once again.

This time the campaign is targeting Globaville, the Global Village, which is bigger than Africa.

Ghana's legendary hospitality and tolerance are what have prepared her for this ultimate commission.

All are enjoined therefore to get involved.
Ghana is going to shine again and Globaville is going to breathe fresh air again.


Kwabena Ofori-Panin
Kwabena Ofori-Panin, © 2017

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