Review Decision On Achimota Dreadlocks Case

Feature Article Review Decision On Achimota Dreadlocks Case
JUN 1, 2021 LISTEN

The floodgates of in discipline have been opened with this decision on the Achimota dreadlocks case. Could same freedom be allowed in the training in any of the armed forces for example which are are also training? If not why not, when all training expects conformity as the ultimate.

Education/training that molds the character of a person cannot go without some amount of pain/discomfort/sacrifice, so let's understand and practice human rights in the context of our culture and national limitations rather than those of the advanced European culture.

Ghana as secular nation with limited resource has to focus on the objectives of interventions. A secular education should not attempt to burden the system with the multi religions which would then require schools to have worship places and teachers for all the religions!

This is another case of Ghana's blind/over-copying. If this decision is not reviewed then Ghana needs to have a "school-rights" court to ensure that teachers and educational institutions are not burdened unnecessarily with the management of flimsy demands in the name of human rights. Have we not realized how our education is not having the expected impact?

Having accepted a religious person in an institution or workplace is enough guarantee of indiscrimation, however the initiation/workplace should not be the one to conform to the individual's religious practices and choices. It should be the other way round to ensure discipline and harmonious coexistence everywhere. Let's wake up here.

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