Thu, 02 Feb 2017 Feature Article

Major Development In The IFSW African Region

Fela Bright, Noel Muridzo, Alice Mbiyu, , Ibrahim Ezeldin, Joseph Kayinga  Rory TruellFela Bright, Noel Muridzo, Alice Mbiyu, , Ibrahim Ezeldin, Joseph Kayinga & Rory Truell

The Acting IFSW African Regional Executive has been formed. The full ratification of the Executive is expected to take place at the IFSW African Delegates Meeting in June 2017.

IFSW Regional President, Noel Muridzo said, “This is a major development for strengthening social work across Africa. We have had many challenges in Africa as the IFSW members have very few material resources and it was identified that IFSW Africa can make a positive strategic impact by creating a regional executive. This will strengthen the relationships between our members, grow more members within the region, and we will work together to develop the visibility, capacity and recognition of African social workers. We will highlight their essential contributions to the people and governments of the African region”.

IFSW President, Ruth Stark said, “The coming together of this acting IFSW regional executive is the beginning of transformational change in Africa. This will be built on the vision and enthusiasm of its members and social workers throughout all the African countries who will be joining together in the regional conference in June in Zambia”.

The initial objective of the IFSW African Regional Executive are:

  • To create visibility and recognition of the essential contributions of social work in African counties.
  • To enhance solidarity and support capacity building of the IFSW Africa Region.
  • To encourage gender balance representation in all IFSW regional Committees.
  • To create a communication strategy for IFSW regional members and all regional social workers.

Noel Muridzo is Chair the Executive, Finance Officer and represents the Southern African sub region, Joseph Kayinga is the Communications Officer and represents the Central Sub Region, Ibrahim Ezeldin, is the Visibility and Capacity Officer and represents the Northern sub region, Alice Mbiyu is the Advocacy Officer and represents the Eastern sub region, Fela Bright is the Project Officer and represents the Western sub region,