An Open Letter To Nana Akuffo Addo

Feature Article Nana Akufo-Addo - NPP Presidential Candidate
AUG 29, 2016 LISTEN
Nana Akufo-Addo - NPP Presidential Candidate

Dear Nana, I have been monitoring your actions and inactions right from your so called rise and build tour in the march to the 2016 polls. You have been so serious minded and strongly committed to your unrelenting quest to become the president of the Republic of Ghana and it is very evident in the desperate manner you and your surrogates vigorously work out so many, though uncharitable opposition tactics to occupy a niche in the minds and eyes of the ordinary voter.

I so much admire your unabated hopes and confidence. I wonder how many of your surrogates could have that courage to contest a seemingly challenging elections like the 2016 elections after that abysmal performance in the controversial 2012 elections. On that score, you are incontestable so far as the political history of Ghana is concerned.

Dear Nana, I still find it extremely difficult to get what is it that you were rising and building with your party months ago. Initially, I speculated that you were bringing the disgruntled NPP together. Many are those who speculated same. I however realized after embarking on that loadable and much talked about tour, you and your party cannot still boast of a national chairman, national Secretary and several other party bigwigs. It does therefore suggest to me, your efforts to mending the factions in the party continue to prove futile. I sincerely sympathies with you.

Sir, now that you have decided to move without some key elements of the party, I expected you to come out with a fantastic and pragmatic manifesto to enable you win more souls to probably replace the many that are outside your moving train now. Why have you not done that Nana? Don't you see that your so called darling boys are not strategic enough to get any good message for the manifesto or is it the case that your surrogates loss concentration by constantly bastardizing the John Mahama led NDC government for no reason? I think their inability to come out with a streamlined campaign message has caused you a lot of disservice and that has put you in another unfavorable position to win the elections. What a betrayal by your own cohorts! Next time, never allow your party national chairman and national secretary to be suspended on parochial grounds. They were smarter than those your darling boys.

Nana, your recent campaign promises are being greeted with public mockery and that is a conspicuous manifestation of your lack of strategic thinking. You should know that you are dealing with an incumbent government with a very strategic and united team and can easily expose you further for public mockery. Let me be specific so that you don't get it twisted.

You were all over the airways when you promised of building one factory for each district. Frankly speaking, the idea of industrial revolution is fantastic but it sounded hypocritical when your party never saw anything good about the current government who has revived collapsed industries. If for nothing at all, the Komenda sugar factor and Kumasi shoe factory alone are enough good things to talk about this government but you keep saying NDC government does nothing. If building factories amount to doing nothing, then certainly, you don't simply need political power.

That not withstanding, it appears you were just talking without any feasibility study. I heard some of your guys talking about dog factories, cat factories, "pito" factories and others. Are they serious at all to be running such political commentaries or they are simply pushing you out of the lane to rather push the agenda 2020, one issue that had contributed to the seemingly unending internal wrangling in your party?

If it is lack of ideas then am sorry. I guess, you miss the late Jake Otanka Obetsebi Lamtey ( may his soul rest in peace) a lot. One political strategist who helped the NPP to capture political power in 2000 and 2004. At least, few others could have learnt from him or they are not also allowed to contribute?

Sir, I just can't believe what I read in the news that you gave another historic promise in the Upper East Region. I just hope that it is not true. You promised to construct one dam for each community in the three Northern Regions? You are really ambitious but you are certainly getting it wrong once again. Can you please tell me how many communities we have in the Upper West Region alone?

You said it is to facilitate irrigation farming but let me tell you that you cannot construct irrigation dams everywhere. In fact, irrigation dams are not like dugouts. You may probably have to consult your technicians.

Nana, per your promises, many including me think that you have allowed desperation to take over your sense of judgement. My common sense of logic make me know that no short or medium term economic policy can finance these countless projects. You must come again before some of us can see logic in it.

Denis Andaban
Shall come back soon....
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