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A Call On NDC To Enter Into A Coalition With Smaller Parties And Interest Groups

A Call On NDC To Enter Into A Coalition With Smaller Parties And Interest Groups

Minority governments tend to be shortlived . That may be because, in reality, politics is not about simple one dimensional, single-speak issues where public opinion bunches at some point on a single scale. Political issues are often multidimensional and multi-peak involving complex, numerous, interrelated and changing questions where public opinion is divided many ways.

Against this wisdom, people in power must always be mindful to the extent to which they execute "dirty strategy" against those not in government. There is no win in execution of dirty plans. In fact, those that may be seen to be successfully executed become very good precedent for those in power to suffer later and those plans that fail equally might have exposed the government, shift the focus of government and develop the penchant to do more at the detriment of real governance to improve the welfare of the populace.

Political power is transient, that is a trite knowledge! Beyond this, we must appreciate that, we create the comfort and discomfort of the future by our deeds.

In such times, where there is a lucid tyranny by the government, the struggle for freedom becomes formidable and effective if pressure groups, minority parties and other interest groups form a coalition, with each party or group still keeping its ideals and structures. According to Peter Van Roozendaal, it is easier for smaller parties to enter alliances with central parties, rather than with smaller parties at the opposite end of the political spectrum; so a large central party will have a pivotal position in any coalition. That, notwithstanding, there are mutual gains bigger than mere dominance, hence, the subject of dominance in a coalition is subservient to the collective goal of any coalition.

In the Ghanaian political space, coalitions happened spontaneously from time to time in one way or the other and other times, there is a deliberate approach by parties to build such a concerted effort. It is expected that such coalitions (spontaneous) would not last as parties would normally revert to their original status after the intended goal of the coalition is achieved.

Where there are mutual gains however, smaller parties and other groups gain phenomenal strength and influence in the political space when a coalition achieve its goal.

I think the opposition parties and other interest groups must work along these theoretical postulations, by joining political forces for mutual gains. This isn't a suggestion of merger!

If we really all appreciate the extreme levels of tyranny, despondency, corruption, arrogance and abuse of power, then we must have a collective means and efforts at correcting the political abnormality by harnessing our collecting efforts of removing the autocratic leader dressed by the cover of laws, capriciously and whimsically, picked and lined as traps for discerning nationalists who are critical for the good of the sovereignty of the Ghanaian state.

For this to happen, of course, as captured already, the central opposition party, the NDC must take that persuasive step of marshalling the forces. It is my optimum believe that Ghanaians will prefer a government formed beyond just a party. It must be government of the people and by the people. The other interest groups and smaller minority parties deserve a space on governance and the happening now, presents a better opportunity for such discussions behind the curtains.

The conduct of the EC and other sensitive state institutions, is a clear manifestation of a government bent at retaining power by any means. We can't face such a government with our individual strengths!!

We need a concerted effort. History tells us the power of coalition be it at the war front or political front. In global politics today, coalition remains a controlling force.

After watching videos of today's demonstrations against the Bank of Ghana, seeking the resignation of the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, I see real force enough and capable of pushing back the tyranny of the Akufo Addo led government. The force should not be measured by the numbers that came out to speak in the interest of the country, rather, the diversity of the forces: Arise Ghana, NDC, PNC, APC, Kayaye, COPEC, and many others. Indeed, diversity is a strength!

This should not end there!!
Denis Andaban
The Village Boy From DBI

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