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TV3, Your Silence Over Critical Questions On The Eviction Of Sung-Suma Is Creating A Credibility Deficit In Your Platform

TV3, Your Silence Over Critical Questions On The Eviction Of Sung-Suma Is Creating A Credibility Deficit In Your Platform

DEAR TV3, congratulations in advance as you prepare to host the grand finale of this year's edition of Ghana Most Beautiful. There is no doubt that you have become the best television station because your programs reflect the social, cultural and political values of the Ghanaian people, your customers.

I also appreciate, that your media house is a private commercial entity, which has occupied a niche when it comes to entertainment programs such as Ghana Most Beautiful. Indeed, the growth of Ghana Most Beautiful has clouded, or should I say, has virtually collapsed hitherto famous Beauty Pageants such as Miss Ghana, Miss Malaika among others. Knowing the commercial nature of your entity, I am not oblivious that you will always innovate and execute such programs with the mind of "cashing in", even as you identify and develop talents, as well as portray and promote the rich culture of the people of Ghana to the globe. I commend you for the enviable milestone.

I am an ardent follower of the station. In fact, my morning without TV3 is no morning at all. It is TV3 that wakes me up from bed and "goodnights" me. I am sure I am not the only one so much in love with you. There are many more as you may be aware. Your platform is a friend to probity and accountability. On daily basis, the station speaks for the ordinary and downtrodden, asks government and other stakeholders the critical questions, holding their feet to the fire of probity and accountability. Such, is what has made you unique and the preferred platform for many, particularly the youth!

I must be honest that you have disappointed me and many others when it comes to upholding the principles of accountability and transparency so far as this year's Ghana Most Beautiful show is concerned. I do not intend to draw us back but limit myself to the circumstances that led to the eviction of Sung-Suma, the Upper West Representative for this year's GMB. Many of us, here in the Upper West Region, made the point that her eviction was a total cheat, unfair and smacks of partiality. Countless number of people took to social media to register their displeasures and outbursts on the undeserving treatment to the Upper West Rep. Many others have asked critical questions to understand the reasons for which the chances of the brilliant lady was ruined.

It was quite unexpected and unfortunate that your answers have been total silence. I think that you owe the people some explanations, yet, you refused to do so even with a simple official statement to calm nerves. I report to you today, that, the pain and agony are in steady wane and we are doing well. However, I wish to reiterate that you ought to reflect deeply, whether or not you do not owe the affected people some modicum of respect and accountability.

Sung-Suma had garnered enough votes to have remained in the show, her performance was fantastic and she made it to the viewers choice too. Sources closer to her management team gave us the insight that she had met all the expected targets to have remained in the show. Alas, she was evicted, causing many, including one of your MCs, to weep deeply in front of the cameras. We are also told, how thousands of her votes were discounted, all in the attempt to get to a particular conclusion. There could be a better explanation that could calm nerves but your silence on the many questions seem to validate the public perception of unfairness and bias. We know, that, it is a "trade" but we are your customers, and people have invested huge sums of monies and deserve your attention and explanation.

Be that as it may, I am of the personal view that if you refuse to give attention or any explanation to major stakeholders of the show, then you are creating an obvious credibility deficit on the platform and people will in the future consider it as a vain effort, participating. I am not better placed to advise you to at least, not treat our complaints with disdain, but I know I have the right to demand accountability.

On the account of the above, I wish to call on major stakeholders in the Upper West Region to temporarily boycott the Ghana Most Beautiful Platform till TV3 considers the need to acknowledge our complaints. It is so sickening to ask critical questions and get ignored!!

I wish you and the finalists the best of luck!

To Sung-Suma, you have demonstrated dexterity, maturity, creativity and intelligence. You have demonstrated to the world that you have what is more than physical beauty. We are proud of you. In fact, in our minds and hearts, you are the winner and we will see you as such in the Region.

Denis Andaban
The Village Boy From DBI

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