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08.02.2016 CPP News

CPP Has The Tools To The Change Ghanaians Want

By Dr. Tweneboah Senzu, PhD--Member, CPP Communication Team
CPP Has The Tools To The Change Ghanaians Want
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CPP cannot afford to fail Ghanians this time around in securing true economic freedom for our people based on these logical facts:

Any premier action of a vision that lacks similar track records for evidence tend to suffer distrust from genuine minds commitment because the vision lacks clarity to its sympathisers. Such was the pain Dr. Kwame Nkrumah has to go through to be tagged as "show-boy".

It is wisely said, only time establishes the truth.

All those great minds and genuine hearts, who by the fear of the enemies presumed that Nkrumah was just an ambitious figure who was embarking on a mission impossible journey, realised how foolish they had become all this while under propaganda agenda. They, have however, converted with time to become dangerous intellectual soldiers to support this honourable course just as Saul of the Pharisees of his time converted to become Paul of one of Jesus' powerful disciples as the Christian Bible asserts.

All these new hearts are boiling and willing to fight in order to redeem their pledge to the Late Dr. Nkrumah for posterity to forgive them their sins.

By this measure, therefore, let no man or woman in CPP act as an obstruction to this true converted warriors for the following reasons:

1. Reparation to Dr. Nkrumah
2. An opportunity to correct their credibility to history

3. A means to fight back the enemy boot to boot after luring them into their expensive propaganda.

Therefore the #Green Revolution# has opened its doors to all these smart and committed soldiers to come together and fight for the common course as part of efforts to make way for progress.

Tweneboah Senzu.PhD
Member of CPP Communication Team

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