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04.08.2004 Politics

I wil make a difference - Mills

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"Elections do matter, because a President can make a difference and I Atta Mills will make that difference." These words were declared by the flagbearer of the NDC last Saturday at the Prempeh Assembly Hall in Kumasi on the occasion of the launching of the NDC election 2004 Manifesto.

Prof Mills said this when he lamented about the double standards, hypocrisy, suspicion, deception, and spin doctoring currently prevailing in governance, which have caused many to think that all governments are the same and therefore elections do not matter.

"I want to restore trust and truth to governance" Prof Mills stated amidst thunderous applause. He said that although he was confident that the NDC was ready with carefully considered policies and programs, these are not enough, unless the building blocks of trust and credibility were properly established.

Commenting on the NPP's politics of vengeance and hate, Atta Mills pledged his determination to write a new chapter in the nation's history. He further elaborated: "Throughout the country, there is a yearning for an end to the politics of hate, vengeance and intolerance. It is a challenge I have accepted. I cannot predict how much crude oil will cost next year or how much a ton of cocoa will cost or the price of an ounce of gold next year. But I can predict one thing I will do next year. Under the presidency of Atta Mills, you will have a Ghana free of unnecessary partisanship, political vindictiveness and intolerance."

Atta Mills asserted that he would constantly engage his political opponents, treat them not as enemies but with respect and would never do such things as withdrawing courtesies due to any former President or anyone who has served Ghana at the highest levels.

Touching on the essence of the party's manifesto, the NDC flagbearer highlighted the difference between NPPs philosophy of a property owning democracy with NDC's caring, compassionate 'be your brother's keeper" social democratic agenda.

The NDC themed "A better Ghana" will, according to, Atta Mills deliver qualitative change in the lives of Ghanaians. He spent time to enumerate the benefits the outlined policies and programmes will bring in terms of jobs, thriving businesses, reduced cost of living, improved infrastructure amongst a host of others.

The occasion itself saw a massive attendance by thousands of people, which prompted calls that the Prempeh assembly hall was the wrong place and that the program should have been held at the Kumasi Sports stadium instead. The Kumasi metropolis was once more a witness to the indomitable spirit of the NDC and if indications are what they were last Saturday then NDC followers should rest assured that the party would do better in the region this year than it did in the year 2000.

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