02.03.2015 Feature Article

A Painted Democracy By Self Seeking Politicians

A Painted Democracy By Self Seeking Politicians
02.03.2015 LISTEN

Democracy according to Abraham Lincoln "means government of the people, by the people and for the people". It therefore implies that, the governance system under democracy embodies people with varied ideas. The display of competing ideas is one element that makes democracy the best all over the world.

I think the cultural orientation of the Ghanaian society keeps it in a better position to have a very unique democratic governance that people from other jurisdictions should be envious of. People have suffered to bring us this far.

Ironically, instead of our leaders working hard to improving our young democracy, "stomach politicians" and "doom preachers", tend to soil our democracy by masturbating and massaging it for cheap political propaganda.

People inject divisiveness tribally and religiously into the nation in order to attain a commanding political height. Some major political actors of this nation do little to develop this nation. They are always cynical and pessimistic when it comes to national issues. All they do is hide behind doors to plan evil against this nation.

The latest to talk about is the very evil NPP political strategy that was recorded and leaked. Osafo who suppose to act as a stateman and unifier is unfortunately being exposed to be harbouring evil plans that can go as far as plunging this nation into war.

It is indeed embarrassing to hear this from the backwards of a political party awaiting to annex power. The NPP endorsed similar fowl statements before. The famous "all die be die", Y3 Akabfoo" among several others were being justified instead of being condenmed. In that regards, Osafo's tape only came as a complement but it shall remain an own goal.

I think for the NPP to regain it's dignity and respect, it must rejuvenates its style of politics because this nation belong to all of us.

We can not really afford to lose the unity and tranquility we are enjoying now. The youth must shoulder the responsibility of instilling nationalism and patriotism to better this nation because most of our elders are dissappointments to us.

Denis Andaban
[email protected]