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Is Scraping Teachers Allowance Another Failed Policy Of Government?

Is Scraping Teachers Allowance Another Failed Policy Of Government?
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Scraping teachers allowance is another failed policy of the current government. Because it lacks credibility to deliver all the promises of better Ghana agenda, instead the government embarks on frivolous formulation of policies that has no meaningful positions to solve any issue.

Therefore a trust worthy government should not be afraid to tell Ghanaians the true state of affairs in financing teacher's trainee allowance scheme. Instead of scraping the allowance the government can build upon her goodwill if she has any to appeal to Ghanaians to help in contributing voluntarily ghc1 a month.

And if my calculation is right 24million Ghanaians should provide the government ghc24million to finance a budget of ghc15million according deputy minister for tertiary education on talking point (Sunday, 2nd feb.2014).

Within the same vision, Ghanaians will honor all government projects base on future direct foreign investment or direct loans. For example, the Kwame Nkrumah proposed reconstruction loan from abroad ($74million) can be financed by concerned citizens of Ghana through monthly voluntary contribution of 1ghc for 6months.

The population of Ghana is currently 24million therefore; ghc24m multiply by 6months is ghc144million which is $74million. If this proposal is package and publicize well using corporations, celebrities, schools, universities, and media houses, Ghana can generate ghc288million every year to finance every realistic project in constituencies of Ghana.

Yao fiagbeto
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