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FEATURED STORY Tithe Paying Is Certainly A Sin...

7 April 2013 | Feature Article


Doubting the workability of the proposed unconditional amnesty by the President Good luck Jonathan-led administration for the armed Islamic terrorists responsible for the mass murder of over 5000 innocent Nigerians in Northern Nigeria in the last three years, a democracy inclined Non-Governmental organization-HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS' ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA [HURIWA] has sounded a note of warning of imminent revenge attacks by the hundreds- of- thousands of victims of these dastardly terrorism attacks in the event that Government fails to carry them along and protect their interest.

Besides, the Rights body also expressed doubts that the incessant violence masterminded by suspected foreign trained terrorism kingpins will end by the declaration of amnesty as being suggested y the Federal Government provided that the Government of Nigeria allows the security of the nation's international borders to deteriorate to the level that Nigeria now have some of the worst and most porous international borders in the World making it much easier for armed smugglers and freelance terrorists from troubled neighboring countries of Central African Republic, Chad, Niger and Cameroon to invade Nigeria's territory in continuation of their expansionist agenda in West African region.

HURIWA alleged that both the Nigerian Customs Service and the Nigerian Immigration Service have collectively failed to stop the smuggling of different sophisticated arms and ammunitions into Nigeria through the borders just as it has advocated the setting up of military formations/barracks in all the international boundary areas in Nigeria since the Nigerian constitution recognizes the primary duty of the Nigerian Armed Forces to be the protection of the territorial integrity of Nigeria.

In a media release endorsed jointly by the National Coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and the National Media Affairs Director Miss. Zainab Yusuf after an emergency national executive council meeting in Abuja, HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS' ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA [HURIWA] said it was worried that while the Federal Government plans to grant amnesty and blanket pardon to the perpetrators of the serial bomb attacks and targeted assassination, the same administration has spectacularly failed to realize that it will certainly be setting a vicious cycle of violence to be unleashed on the nation should the victims of the relentless attacks staged by the Islamic rebels in Northern Nigeria be neglected and be left to feel that they are now the 'sacrificial lambs' in this whole game of 'dinning and winning' with terrorists which is exactly what the proposed amnesty package would amount to.

The group also warned Government to note that evidence of war crimes are being compiled to be transmitted to the International Crimes Court in The Hague, Netherlands which will be used against President Jonathan the moment he loses his sovereign immunity to prosecution after serving out his tenure even as it reminded the President that granting amnesty will not stop civil society groups from instituting a case before the World Crimes Court against him for his failure to stop widespread war crimes by the terrorists during his regime.

HURIWA lamented that while the largest percentage of Nigeria's annual budgetary releases in the last three years have gone to the defense sector, there is clearly no evidence scientifically and empirically to demonstrate Government's resolve to secure the porous international borders of Nigeria from where freelance armed terrorists have followed to infiltrate and actively work with their local affiliates to unleash the relentless regime of bombing campaign that have claimed over five thousand victims mainly of innocent citizens.

HURIWA stated thus; "While we note with considerable worry the proposal by Government to roll out amnesty to the mass murderers, we are at the same time shocked beyond comprehension, that this same government has not given attention to the issue of attending to the needs of the thousands of victims of these dastardly terrorism attacks by the Islamic rebels in the North. As patriotic citizens, we wish to alert Government to carry the victims of these terrorism attacks along at this time so as to avoid a situation whereby Nigeria will in the nearest future witness another episode of bombing attacks that may be motivated by the will to revenge the killings of their breadwinners by these Islamic terrorists who have become the beautiful brides of the Jonathan's administration".

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By: akoaso HH GER quot-img-1