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03.07.2012 Feature Article


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What do you do if outsiders enter your village, your state or your country and procreate three or four times faster than residents? By pure democracy it is only a matter of time before they take over and rule. This fear of territorial takeover inspires the worst and subtle forms of discrimination. It is where the world is today in the callous treatment of citizens, immigrants or subjugation of natives unless they blend into a political culture.

Africa must create local industrial profit, not export people for profit. There are no more vacancies outside the Continent for immigrants. Those in Rome prefer Romans. America or Europe values its people; so must Africa. The Hutu, Tutsi, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Akan, Ewe, Mole-Dagbane, Guan, Ga-Adangbe, Swahili, Khoi-San, Xhosa, Zulu, Ndebele, Sotho etc. must coordinate at grassroots level, trust one another more and their leaders less.

The days of conquest are gone. It is time to work out accommodation, reconciliation and assimilation. If we can only learn about how women adapt into new families, the world would be a better place. Many women leave their race, country, state, village and extended families for marriage into another culture. No democracy, confrontation or war has gained territorial advantage in other peoples' land as easily as women's DNA.

There is little difference between rigging or no-elections in some developing countries like the Arab world and western suppression of minority registration of voters' rights. So are privileged few unlimited money to bribe and misinform voters, relocation of voting areas, misdemeanor deportations, and paid repatriation. The Arabs have proved that the adaptation of western democracy does not create stability or solve endemic woes.

Democracy can be tedious and sometimes unproductive especially if elections have to be conducted in a short period of time as in Italy, recently as in Greece or costly as in Nigeria. Nevertheless, western democracy has worked in U.K, U. S, Canada etc. because liberals like Protestants in the face of Catholic Church have found ways to be tolerant and absorbed new talented people while alternating power with conservative parties.

China was condemned for its one family one child policy, but with overwhelming fear. Some of the universities put discriminatory process in place so that their own students could benefit from local institutions, jobs and welfare. It is the case within a country where in and out of state tuitions vary for students and less tolerance for neighbors. Unless we curb population growth by birth control, there is no place to export people.

What we are really witnessing is a gradual erosion of freedom of movement within the same country and obviously from one country to another. As a result immigration has become a testy issue for governments since politicians play to the demand and fear of their constituencies. Immigrants already in Europe and America are being discriminated against partly to curb their influence since they cannot curb their birth rate at home.

Western democracy form of government is being manipulated to the advantages of those in control in view of new immigrants' population growth. The notion that the rich have money and the poor have children is in collision with election of majority to govern in European or American democracy. The only way to prevent it is through subtle form of discrimination practiced in U.K by Harold Wilson against British Uganda Indians.

Well, Like the Latino communities in United States, the children of Asians and Africans in United Kingdom especially in and around London have grown nevertheless since the seventies. During the latest riot when police “mistakenly” killed a person of color, the rioters made it clear they were born and bred there and would not take the indignities their rainbow parents tolerated.

Citizenship in Europe and United States regardless of who is in power will be harder to obtain and passage of citizen from naturalized citizen to their children is already curbed in Europe and will be stricter in years to come just to delay takeover of governments by children of immigrants. Discrimination is their way to prevent the eventual takeover. This may sound harsh unless they accommodate tolerance before it gets worse.

It gets worse. Conservatives in the western world have more in common with Asian and Middle East religious fanatics. Since Protestants broke away from Catholics, they have liberalized religion and attitudes towards fellow men. Conservatives in the West, Africa and in the Middle East share their love for democracy to propel them into political power only. Once entrenched, they change the rules to stay in power imposing ethics.

Indeed, western leaders are coming to grasp with the reality that they may have to deal with religious conservatives. The real struggle in the so called Middle East is between military and theocracy rule. By insisting on rulers that cannot accommodate women as equal, immigrants without path to citizenship and right to form unions, Muslim and Christian conservatives are bringing back slave labor to the detriment of working poor. They are losing their only ladder to middle class status.

We have population growth problems in Africa where we believe children are god-sent. Poverty cannot be blamed for everything but in case of Somali, where they have the same lineage, speak the same language and almost the same religion, they still cannot get along. So are the Hutu and the Tutsi after Independence created a power vacuum by the departure of the Belgian creating Rwanda and Burundi.

Nigerians call it the unfortunate mistake of 1914 on experimental basis and swore that they never knew one another from Adamu. It is a trying time in the Country exacerbated by reckless and voracious looting by most politicians with the creation of multi states and councils so that administrators can have access to oil money. What a mess!

The problem of Africa is greed in the midst of great potential that is more than enough to lift the Continent up. However, instant gratification as in readymade bribe offered by local and foreign contractors that are ready to invest and mortgage our people, are irresistible for politicians. This is further complicated by religion and ethnic bias used to fight their turfs and disguise their greed.

Africans do not have to export themselves as source of foreign currencies. The amount of hard currencies wasted on imports, foreign labor and so called expertise dwarf the amount brought in by African migrants workers disrespected and vilified in the same foreign countries.

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