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1. The world's first Religion was born not in the Middle East or Arabia Land, but in the Sacred Holy Garden of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU in Continental Afrika.

2. Children of MAMAAFRIKA call it AFRIKANITY or Continental Afrikan Religion.

3. It is three million seasons old in Ancient term and ten thousand seasons old in Modern term.

4. It is the Mother of Judaism, Father of Christianity and Grand-Mother of Islam and Grand-Father of Buddhism and Hinduism and others.

5. Without AFRIKANITY, there will be no religion known to Humanity as we have it today.

6. As Natives of the Land of KA or Holy Spirit and Spirit-based, and-oriented Beings, the world's first idea, concept and practice of One Universal Cosmic and Divine Supreme Being Deity and Creator AFRIKAMAWU are daily revealed and known to all Children of Mother Continental Afrika, young and old.

7. And since there is no True Religion without the common knowledge of the One Supreme Universal Creator of all Creation, it stands to reason that the World's first knowledge of One Universal Creator of the Universe as AFRIKAMAWU constitutes the proof or evidence that establishes Ancient Continental AFRIKA as the Mother of the world's first Religion.

8. Their first knowledge of One Universal Supreme Being as AFRIKAMAWU constitutes therefore the Sacred Divine Foundation upon which the World's first Religion is born and flourishes into the world's first Religious Tree of Religious Knowledge and Expertise that gives birth to all of today's religions.

9. AFRIKANITY is also the World's first Religion because the World's first Belief in One Universal Supreme Being as the Mother-Father Divine Being of all other Deities on Earth starts in Ancient Continental Afrika.

10. And since every True Religion is based on a belief in a Supernatural/Higher Being, it stands to reason that, Continental Afrika's world's first Belief in One Supreme Being constitutes the Basis for the world's first Religion of AFRIKANITY and from which spring various shapes and forms of Religion as we know them today.

11. As the most Ancient and the Oldest Religion on Earth, AFRIKANITY's present existence in the Hearts, Minds and Spirits of seventy percent of today's Traditional Continental Afrikan World proves the fact that it is the World's first Religion.

12. That is why to our Ancient, their Continental Afrikan Religion of AFRIKANITY is Total Sacred Life. It is everything.

13. As Divine Religion-based, Divine Religion-directed and Divine Religion-oriented People, Children of MAMAAFRIKA know they and their Creator AFRIKAMAWU are One, One as Eternal Spirit, One as Omni-present Energy and One as Immortal Power.

14. So, to live in tune to AFRIKANITY is to live in tune with their Creator AFRIKAMAWU.

15. To survive in life means to live out of tune with one's Divinity or Spirituality.

16. That is why, to our Ancient, true living means living perpetually in Heaven on Earth by having and leading Divinity-centered life that enables all Children of MAMAAFRIKA to physically see, talk and walk daily with their Creator AFRIKAMAWU anytime and anywhere they are.

17. In other words, Continental Afrika Religion is not something that can be separated from Life.

18. AFRIKANITY is not and cannot also be limited to or practiced only on Sunday or occasionally.

19. Continental Afrikan Religion to our Ancient is the Sacred Road that leads them to face to face with their Creator AFRIKAMAWU within them, every second of their lives. It is the Divine Key that opens the Sacred Divine Door to the Holy Kingdom of AFRIKAMAWU within all Creation or Life. It is also the Sacred Holy Divine Bible within all lives to recover, digest, and benefit from.

20. This means, the True Religion Ancient Continental Afrikans know and practice is not outside-based but inner-based Religion. It is based on their personal and collective knowledge, understanding, appreciation and experience of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU as they really come face to face with the Truth of their Divine Existence on Earth.

21. Through AFRIKANITY, every Child of MAMAAFRIKA is led personally, privately and safely to know and experience the Limitless Power, Energy and Spirit of her Supreme One and only Creator AFRIKAMAWU in a unique, personal and private way that is beyond all human grasp, understanding or comprehension.

22. That is why AFRIKANITY does not require the conversion of others into the Continental Afrikan Faith or Religion by Practitioners of AFRIKANITY.

23. For, as far as our Ancient are concerned, AFRIKAMAWU within all lives, awaits the discovery of each Being or Life that comes about through the right Divine Revelation and Teaching of AFRIKANITY to all Children of Mother Continental Afrika.

24. This means, all Positively Attuned Children of MAMAAFRIKA know their Creator AFRIKAMAWU dwells within each Being or Creation to be experienced and benefited from according to the degree of their consciousness in life.

25. However, they refuse to think, believe and accept the man-made lie that their Creator AFRIKAMAWU lives in a geographical spot far above them in the sky called heaven and physically sitting as their Father on a throne and judging, rewarding and punishing his own children with heaven or hell.

26. Instead, Children of MAMAAFRIKA are divinely led to know, think, believe and accept the fact that their Creator AFRIKAMAWU is too big and to vast to be monopolized by any or one geographical spot in the universe called heaven or places of worship.

27. For, AFRIKAMAWU, as the Omnipresent, the Omnipotent and the Omniscient Spirit of all Positive Spirits, Energy of all Positive Energies and Power of all Positive Powers, is everywhere and in everything including all forms of Life.

28. This makes our Ancient to consider themselves and everything around them as Sacred, Spiritual, Divine and Perfect Creation and Divine Manifestations of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU on Earth.

29. Hence, to Children of Mother Continental Afrika, their Bodies are not only sacred as the Holy Temple of their Creator, AFRIKAMAWU, but also they are the Kingdom of AFRIKAMAWU their Creator.

30. This means, AFRIKAMAWU is not only outside but inside them for them to discover and enjoy for life.

31. That is why, their AFRIKANITY Religion or Faith does not consist of developing and practicing elaborate religious rites and ceremonies meant to facilitate their daily contact with the Power, Energy and Spirit of their Creator AFRIKAMAWU in them and in all other Beings around them.

32. All because, to Children of Mother Continental Afrika, every part of Creation is the Sacred and Divine Gateway to their Supreme Deity AFRIKAMAWU within them.

33. That is why, the Earth, the Forest, the Beach, Home, Market place, Crossroads and so on, are considered and treated by our Ancient as the world's first Sacred and Holy Places of Divine Veneration, the world's first Synagogues, Temples, Cathedrals, and Churches.

34. This explains why our Ancient experience their Creator AFRIKAMAWU within them individually and collectively, privately or publicly anytime and anywhere their Holy Afrikan Spirit within them leads them to do so.

35. Far from waiting for a Sunday, Saturday or any special day to come before they experience the wonders of their AFRIKAMAWU within them, they do so any time and any day.

36. And the more they have twenty-four hour direct Divine Access to their Supreme Creator AFRIKAMAWU within them to know, use and profit from, the more divinely attuned they stay with their Divinity, Spirity, and Positivity that naturally beget and guarantee them more and more Perfection, more and more Holiness and more and more Goodness, Love and Justice as their natural Way of life.

37. While going to church every Sunday does not necessarily guarantee the church goers a direct divine access to and daily divine experience with their Creator AFRIKAMAWU within them, going to church within as Children of MAMAAFRIKA are divinely led to do daily, guarantees them more and more Direct Divine Access and easier and easier Direct Divine Contact with AFRIKAMAWU as their Divine Inner Shield and Guide to protect them against any contact with any forms of negativity, sin, crime, evil, suffering, lack or death.

38. In the same way, by living constantly focused on the Limitless Power, Energy and Spirit of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU within them, Children of MAMAAFRIKA have no time, no need, no satisfaction and no room to accommodate negative thoughts, ideas, crime, evil or sin already occupied by Positive, Divine, Spiritual, Holy Thoughts, Words or Deeds.

39. Likewise, by eternally living AFRIKAMAWU-centered, AFRIKAMAWU-directed and AFRIKAMAWU-oriented Life, Children of MAMAAFRIKA have no need for imported special prayer, special sacrifice, special doctrine to teach them the knowledge, understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU within them.

40. Just as it is rightly said and believed that nobody teaches AFRIKAMAWU to a Child or a Plant, or Animal and so on, in the same way, our Ancient know no one except themselves can teach what, who and where their Creator AFRIKAMAWU is and how to enjoy her continuously as the Nose enjoys the Air.

41. In the same vein, the world's first idea, concept and practice of Intermediary between AFRIKAMAWU and the Living also originate from Ancient Continental Afrika as the basis for the reverence paid to the Holy Continental Afrikan Saints who attain total Oneness with their Creator AFRIKAMAWU as Holy Continental Afrikan Ancestors or Angels as well as the honor paid to the Holy Spirits of the Forest, Sea, River, Earth, Sky, Rain, Sun, Moon, Fire, Stars, Trees, Animals, Fish, Birds or Stones and so on considered the Manifestations of the Supreme Being AFRIKAMAWU.

42. So, far from worshipping Trees, Stones, Mountains or Objects as the uninitiated erroneously think, our Ancient know that every Form of Creation is ten per cent physical or visible and ninety percent Spiritual, Immortal, Sacred, Divine and Holy and which directly connects them to their Creator AFRIKAMAWU.

43. This means, it is natural and possible to reach the Creator AFRIKAMAWU within themselves through their Personal Divine Self or Spirit.

44. In the same way, it is possible and natural to reach the Creator AFRIKAMAWU directly through the Divine and Spiritual Part or Gate to every Form of Life like the Tree, Stone, Mountain, River, Herb, Forest, Sky, or through our Holy Continental Afrikan Saints.

45. That is why, in AFRIKANITY, our Ancient believe each Life is her own Saviour or grave-digger.

46. For, they know they are all endowed with the Power to know or not to know, to accept or reject, to experience or not to experience and to stay tuned or out of tune with their Creator AFRIKAMAWU within each Being or Life on Earth to discover, master, use and benefit from.

47. The choice to plant the seedling of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU or the seedling of the Devil, the Positivity or negativity, Goodness or badness, Heaven or hell, Holiness or sinfulness, Perfection or crime, Happiness or sorrows, Life or death and so on is the Reward or consequence of Good and bad, Joys or sorrows, Heaven or hell and so on we get daily in Life here and after.

48. To know and live this Ancient Continental Afrikan Truth of total perpetual Oneness, total Direct Divine Access, Contact, Experience and Enjoyment of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU, is to be free forever from man-made chains of religious uprootment, self-ignorance, confusion, alienation, chaos, stagnation, suffering and death.

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter 28, 1-48 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

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