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Afrikan History Month: Why Egypt Matters – Dr. Kwame Osei

Afrikan History Month: Why Egypt Matters – Dr. Kwame Osei
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Many Ghanaians would have watched on their TV screens the uprisings in Egypt.

Many if not ALL Ghanaians would wrongly assume that the light (fair) skinned people in today's Egypt are the original people of Egypt.

Also many Ghanaian people would not normally associate Egypt with Afrika but with the so-called Middle East or Arab world.

All of the above assumptions are WRONG, as the original people of Egypt are and still are dark in complexion like the average Ghanaian and secondly that Egypt has always been on the continent of Afrika and nowhere else.

The main reason why many Ghanaians cannot associate Egypt with Afrika is that there has been a deliberate and systematic attempt by European and Arab historians to falsify the true history of Egypt by implying that Afrikan people did not have the intellectual ability or the intellectual capacity to cultivate the classic high culture or civilization that was Egypt

Furthermore European and Arab historians claim that the people who developed that great civilization were either European people with sun-tanned skin or Arab people with brown skin. These two assertions of course are absolute rubbish!

It is important at this juncture for the reader to recognize that the Arab people are not a race of people. The Arab is in FACT a mixed Afrikan whose mother is an Afrikan Ethiopian woman named Hagar.

It is also important to note also that the light skinned people who now occupy and rule Egypt ARE NOT the original Egyptians just as the White people who occupy and rule the United States of America ARE NOT the original Americans.

The light skinned arabs who occupy Egypt are the descendants of imperialists who invaded Egypt and are the products generations of inter-mixing and inter-marriage.

It is interesting to point out that when the Europeans and Arabs invaded Egypt starting from about 525 BC with the Assyrians, they began replacing the Afrikan names and inscriptions on the buildings, monuments and temples that were ALL built by Afrikans with European and Arab names adding to the confusion and then taking the credit for the achievement.

As we can clearly see today, the names Egypt, Luxor, Aswan, Giza etc are all Arab and European names used in order to conceal the deception, but all these places had original Afrikan names. Egypt's Afrikan name is Kemet, Luxor's original Afrikan name is Wa'set, Aswan's original Afrikan name is Esowan and the original name for Giza is Chem.

It is important too, to inform the readership that civilization or culture DID NOT begin in Egypt. It has been well established and documented by historians, theologians and anthropologists that civilization began way up the Nile Valley in present day Uganda.

Furthermore Ethiopia is often referred to as the mother of Egypt meaning that Ethiopia predated Egypt and had a civilization and a culture at least 2000 years before Egypt that also had a profound influence on ancient Egyptian civilization.

In fact the concept of Judaism, Islam and Christianity began in Ethiopia and that Jesus or his REAL name Yeshua Ben Yosef was born in Ethiopia and not Bethlehem as many Ghanaians have been led to believe.

The reason why Egypt is an important and integral part of Afrikan history is that it is this classic civilization that was responsible for producing the principles of Mathematics, Religion, Physics, Chemistry, Astrology, Technology, Communication, Writing, Commerce, Architecture and many other elements we take for granted All these were started in Egypt by Afrikan people.

Another main reason why Egypt is essential is that people have tried to take Egypt out of Afrika and that Egypt has no connection with Afrika whatsoever and have tried to place Egypt somewhere else.

This special feature is to inform Ghanaians that the people who were responsible for the great civilization of Egypt including the building of great feats of architecture like the Great Pyramid of King Khufu, The Sphinx, the monuments, temples, libraries etc were BLACK/AFRIKAN people and that THE original people of Egypt are Black and that Ancient Egypt WAS a BLACK AFRIKAN civilization.

The word EGYPT itself means Black. The ancient Egyptians called themselves Kam or Kam-Au meaning Black people or Black God People, (Black symbolizing Godliness) and called their country KEMET meaning the land of the Blacks.

In Afrikan culture names are very significant and have deep spiritual meaning so if the Ancient Egyptians were not Black, why would they name themselves as Black people and their country the land of the Blacks?

The word Egypt is English that was derived from the Greek word Aegyptos which means Black or burnt people and when the British invaded Kemet they named it Egypt. Europe's first historian, the Greek Herodotus said the Egyptians, Colchians and Ethiopians have thick lips and broad nose, wooly hair and they are of burnt skin - signifying their obvious Afrikan features.

Even what is referred to as the bible equates Ham (Afrikans) with Egypt. (Psalms 78.51, 105: 23-27, 106:21-22)

Therefore there is no doubt that the Egyptians who were responsible for building that great civilization and culture were Afrikan/Black people.

To further buttress the point, at a symposium organized by the United Nations cultural section UNESCO in 1978 to establish the racial origins of Ancient Egypt two great Afrikan historians Cheikh Anta Diop and I. Obenga gave in-depth, measured and comprehensive presentations to demonstrate that the people of Ancient Egypt were Black Afrikans.

Diop in particular gave an awesome presentation using anthropology, iconography, melanin dosage tests, osteological measurements, blood groupings, the testimony of classical writers, self-descriptive Egyptian hieroglyphs, divine epithets, Biblical eyewitnesses, linguistics and other cultural data in support of his opinion that the Ancient Egyptians were Afrikan/Black.

This symposium proved beyond all doubt that the Ancient Egyptians and their great civilization was an Afrikan/Black one.

Now that it has been established that the Ancient Egyptian civilization was Afrikan, what is it about this civilization and culture that is so important and why Egypt matters.

This Afrikan civilization is important in our understanding and overstanding of the world we live in today. For what is wrongly referred to as Western civilization is in actual fact stolen Afrikan civilization.

Two pointers to this - First is the classic book called Stolen Legacy written by great Afrikan scholar George G. M. James. In it he states, through thorough investigation, that Greek civilization which Western civilization is actually based upon plagiarized Afrikan civilization and that ALL the so-called Greek scholars like Plato, Socrates, Galen, Hippocrates, Aristotle, Pythagoras and so forth all came to Ancient Egypt and studied the principles of Mathematics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Religion, Science, Physics, the rule of law, Democracy, Commerce and the like and were taught by Afrikan scribes and sages such as the great Imhotep.

Second when one looks at what is regarded as the most powerful and important country in the Western world- the United States of America, it is important to recognize that the United States of America was built on an Afrikan Egyptian model.

These examples explain the Afrikan Egyptian connection with the United States:

1• The ˜founding” fathers of the United States including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were all Freemasons who held Ancient Egypt in high regard. Freemasonry had its origins in Afrika.

2• The American constitution was written in secret code language only understood by freemasons. This secret code language is a derivative of the Ancient Egyptian medu-neter or hieroglyphs.

3• The United States $1 bill has Afrikan Egyptian symbols on it. For example the 13 stars of King Solomon, the Eagle, the Pyramid and the eye of Heru which symbolizes the all seeing eye, the omnipotent God.

4• The Capital of the United States, Washington DC is modeled after an Ancient Egyptian city and that Washington DC itself was designed by a Black man named Benjamin Banneker. Banneker was commissioned by President George Washington in 1793 to design Washington DC, again symbolizing the fact that the Afrikan/Black man was THE original master builder/planner/architect/designer.

5• Amongst the most famous buildings in Washington DC is the Washington monument which is in actual fact a copy of the Ancient Egyptian Tekhen/Obelisk.

6• All of the buildings in Washington DC, including Capitol Hill where Barack Obama made his inaugural speech and the White House where he lives were all built by Afrikan labor signifying that fact that the Black/Afrikan man was THE first builder/mason.

The above just highlights to the reader the immense influence Afrikan ancient Egypt has had on the formation of the United States politically, economically and in the design and construction of some of its most famous buildings.

The Ancient Egyptian influence is also evident in many countries in Europe. For example one of the most prominent images from Ancient Egypt that appears throughout Europe is that which represents the resurrection of the Afrikan, God Ausar who the Greeks called Osiris.

This powerful symbol was called a Tekhen in Ancient Egypt. However it was re-named by the Greeks who called it an Obelisk. Currently there are obelisks in London, Rome, Paris, Istanbul and many other cities throughout Europe.

The very first obelisk to be erected in Europe was in Rome in 10 BC to commemorate Augustus conquest of Egypt. A second obelisk was removed from Egypt and erected in Rome in 357 AD/CE after the establishment of Christianity.

There are now a total of 13 tekhens in Rome alone. The most famous obelisk in Italy stands in the centre of St. Peters Square at the Vatican (the Piazza di San Pietro).

Very few people realize that on Easter Sunday as the Pope stands on his balcony overlooking the congregation and delivers his sermon praising the resurrection of the son of God, Yeshua Ben Yosef, he faces a 6,000-year-old symbol that represents the original resurrection of the Afrikan Egyptian God Ausar.

To buttress the contribution of the Afrikan race in general and the Ancient Egyptian civilization in particular has had on humanity a French aristocrat Count C F Volney made a profound statement in one of his books.

This book was called “Ruins of Empire”, a highly controversial book at the time and banned in the United States beucase it exposed the Afrikan origins of civilization and culture – this at a time when America was enslaving Afrikans and when in its constitution considered the Afrikan 3/5 human.

This was written after Count Volney made numerous trips to Egypt to study the history, culture and legacy of the Ancient Egyptians.

Count C F Volney stated “There a People Now Forgotten Discovered While Others Were Yet Barbarians, The elements of the Arts and Sciences. A Race Of men now rejected in society for their Black Skin and Woolly Hair, founded on the Study of the laws of Nature, those Civil and religious systems which still govern the universe”.

Ancient Egypt was a colossal and classic civilization that resulted in the Afrikan creating feats that have never been surpassed by any group of people not even in today's supposedly high tech world and this is why many European and Arab historians call some of these feats wonders of the world because they have not been able to conceptualize how a people who are called inferior were able to achieve such outstanding and breath taking accomplishments.

These great Afrikans were able to accomplish these great feats because they had a high degree of spirituality (not the profane Christian spirituality that we have today) that enabled them to be in tune and perfect harmony with the cosmos, the laws of nature and feed off its vibrations.

Other notable achievements of the Ancient Afrikan Egyptians that have had a profound effect on the world we live in include:

1. Mathematics - this is one of the fundamental principles that conceived the structures such as the pyramids that were invented by these great Afrikans. They created more than 80 mathematic principles such as Pythagoras theorem, algebra and logarithms that are taught today in schools across the world. These principles are found in a text called the Rhind mathematical papyrus written by Ahmose in 1900 BC.

2. The Calendar - The invention of the first precise calendar in 10,000 BC of which the modern day Roman calendar is based on.

3. Astronomy - The zodiac and the symbols that relate to it originated out of the Kemetic/Egyptian thought processes in their deep understanding of the solar system and this is the basis for European astronomy that we see today that is in itself totally inaccurate as it lacks the original overstanding and ancient knowledge and wisdom that the Afrikan had.

4. Architecture and masonry - the structures and designs of the pyramids, sphinx and temples were conceived via a high understanding and wisdom of using mathematical, geographical, spiritual and other practices. It is the ancient Egyptian concept of architecture and masonry that is the foundation of Western construction and design.

5. Education - The ancient Egyptian system of high learning (wrongly called Egyptian mystery by European scholars) was the highest seat of learning in the world and the lodge of Waset (Luxor) was the largest University in the Ancient world with over 80,000 people studying various principles and enlightenment. All the so-called Greek scholars like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Herodotus, Hippocrates and so forth were taught by Afrikans such as Imhotep and other sages and scribes in these universities

6. Medicine - Medicine originated in Afrika but its development was fast tracked in Ancient Egypt. The oldest medical treaty in the world is called the Edwin smith papyri. This treaty was written over 4,000 years ago and every facet of medicine is entreated in this document. From natural cures for ailments like cancer and heart disease through to the genetic code for the human body.

Imhotep, the REAL father of medicine is accredited for writing this treaty and this document is noted for its accuracy and high scientific standards. Included in this medical treaty is the medical oath which newly qualified doctors swear an allegiance to, to adhere to the standards and ethics of the medical profession.

The oath is wrongly called the Hippocratic oath and in actual fact this is Imhotep's oath and all newly qualified doctors in Ghana who pronounce this oath are actually paying great homage to this Afrikan multi-genius who was also the architect of the highest order designing the first step pyramid at Sakkara and was also a Prime minister during the reign of king Zjoser in the 3rd Dynasty of ancient Egyptian rule.

The above shows you the reader that the great Afrikan civilization of Ancient Egypt has had a profound influence on modern society and shaped modern concepts in relation to medicine, science, education, architecture and so forth.

This is why Egypt matters because it was this Black/Afrikan civilization that is the foundation of the world we live in today and although others want to discredit the Afrikan origins of Egypt and the Afrikan origins of civilization, this special feature clearly shows that the truth will come out and that the origins of Ancient Egypt is Afrikan, that the root of what is defined as Western civilization is Afrikan and that civilization itself began in Afrika. LONG LIVE AFRIKA!!

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