Ghana in Focus Special: Why the NPP Government MUST resign NOW!

Feature Article Ghana in Focus Special: Why the NPP Government MUST resign NOW!
OCT 24, 2022 LISTEN

This week's episode of Ghana in Focus is a special as it draws the conclusion that the current NPP Government of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo MUST resign NOW!!

At this juncture I must stress that I am not affiliated to any political party in Ghana as they are ALL a waste of space. My intention is as a deeply concerned citizen of Ghana who wants to see Ghana reach its FULL potential and for the citizenry to live their best lives.

My conclusion is drawn from a critical analysis of 6 key socio-economic features including the devaluation of the local currency the Ghana cedi and the enormous debt/GDP ratio which stands at an alarmingly dangerous level of 90%.

The NPP government were voted into power in 2016 on the assumption that they are better managers of the economy than the NDC. Credit where credit is due that between 2017-2019 the NPP government grew the economy making Ghana one of the world's fastest growing economies. However since the COVID-19 plandemic the economy has virtually crashed leading to massive inflation, one of the highest on the continent, high food prices making it difficult for the ordinary Ghanaian to afford three meals a day to a currency that is dangerously spiralling out of control.

Regarding the currency on Monday, 17 October, it was marked the world’s worst performing currency, according to the Bloomberg currency tracker that watches 148 currencies.

The government has blamed everything under the sun from the Russia/West -Ukraine war to the aftermath of the COVID plandemic to explain its sheer incompetence and ineptitude.

This suggestion however, is futile, lazy and baseless as the Russia/ West war and in particular COVID has affected many other Afrikan countries but these countries especially in the West Africa sub-region, have low inflation and interest rates together with a strong currency.

This assertion is backed up by the head of the IMF delegation that is visiting Ghana relating to the country's fiscal bailout, Abebe Selassie who states that Ghana's economic challenges are more to do with internal factors rather than external ones.

Given the above, this makes a compelling case for the current government of Ghana to resign, and new elections take place in order to usher in a government that can turn around Ghana's economic fortunes.

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