31.01.2010 Feature Article

Asantehene Reprimands Kumawuhene and the Aduanahene

Asantehene Reprimands Kumawuhene and the Aduanahene
31.01.2010 LISTEN

Whatever goes up must come down. "Whatever has a beginning has an end, regardless of however it ends". The Kumawuman chieftaincy disputation after dragging on for years at snail's pace is now within its finishing sprint. The citizens of Kumawuman have had enough of the foot-dragging intended to deprive them of a God-send paramount chief. No wonder that the majority of the citizenry were thrown into spontaneous jubilation upon hearing what transpired when the Asanteman Council reconvened on Monday, 25 January 2010.

The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, summoned the Kumawuhemaa and the Kontrehene, the defendants in this case; and the Aduanahene, Akwamuhene, Bodweasehene and Domakwaehene, the plaintiffs, before the Council. He granted them a brief hearing in his conduction of preliminary inquiries into the alleged sale of 450,000 hectares of Kumawuman stool lands to a dodgy foreign company. In my previous articles I had revealed how Kumawuhemaa, as usual a "Sakawa" queen, had connived with the Kontrehene and the Gyasehene to sell 450,000 hectares of land under extreme dubious conditions.

Asantehene availed himself of the opportunity to castigate Kumawuhemaa for spreading the news about their libidinal relationship. He stood the queen in the public gallery and questioned her saying, "Are you the one going about disgracing me, spreading that false information that I, Otumfuo, am your boyfriend? When did I become your boyfriend? You are the cause of all the problems and the ongoing litigations in Kumawu. You have written that some families are slaves and that they are not eligible to rule. Where were you when these families (referring to the Ananangyas and the Odumases) were coming from Asumangya? Where was your family standing to conclude that they are slaves? Didn't your family go to meet them already settled in the present day Kumawu? I want to tell you that you went to find them already in Kumawu. Secondly, your family has been ruling for quite a long time and these families having been sidelined for long time but eligible to the throne want the throne now. I consider your endless bragging as "woman's talk". He went further to instruct the panel appointed to adjudicate upon the Kumawu Chieftaincy dispute to furnish him with their written findings by Monday, 08 February 2010. He intimated that he would say nothing but the absolute truth when it comes to delivering his judgment on the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute.

It was the turn to reprimand the Aduanahene. He warned him to choose between playing his partisan politics and his traditional functions as the Kumawuman Aduanahene. It was on record that the Aduanahene once more sought and placed court injunction on the NPP District Executive elections held a month or two ago. There was a bitter rivalry between two factions that could possibly have culminated in bloodshed. Mr.Adusei, that corrupt NPP District Chairman is no longer that once adorable man yet he wants to cling on to power. He is as corrupt and insatiably greedy as the queen. He is now on the queen's side ganging up on the supposed enemies of the queen who are the Aduanahene and all those progressives fighting to ensure the throne goes to the God-send royal from the Ananangya royal family.

The queen arranged to get the story on her summoning before Otumfuo published on page 16 of the Daily Graphic issue of Wednesday, 27 February 2010. She ensured the story dwelt immensely on the official rebuke of the Aduanahene but less on hers. She has been telling friends in Accra that Otumfuo's sweeping statements pointing to his intended decision on the case is just as preposterous. She said the land case has nothing in common with the chieftaincy case hence there was no need for certain utterances by Otumfuo. She is still confidant that she will appoint and install an Ankaase royal as the next paramount chief of Kumawuman. I leave this to you as discerning readers to make your own individual judgments on the possible outcome of the Kumawuman chieftaincy case. From which family will the next Kumawuman paramount chief come - Ankaase or Ananangya/Odumase?

The queen has confided in some friends that in the event of her failure to install the person of her choice, she will quit Ghana to reside in Canada. She is no longer going to kill herself as she had once threatened to. Why? Because "Aduane ye de"(food is so delicious to be ignored through any silly death). Is "Aduane ye de" not someone's name in Kumawu?

Finally, the Asantehene has threatened to deal drastically with any party that is found to be lying regarding the sale of Kumawuman stool lands. He has asked the plaintiffs to withdraw the court injunction as placed on the sale of that expansive piece of land in question to enable him settle the case traditionally. They have agreed as admonished or instructed. Also, they are to provide any evidence pertaining to any illegal sales of land by the queen and the Kontrehene. They have acquired a lot of proofs to incriminate the queen. The queen has sold some land in the Kumawu-Woraso area to a prospecting mining company. She is too greedy to the point of disposing of Kumawu township sooner or later if care was not taken.

I advise all the progressives to ready themselves, preparing their white cloths for celebrating the installation of their God-send Ananangya royal as their next paramount chief within the next few weeks. It is a done deal by God the Father as revealed at the very inception of my writings. I am preparing my thank you message to God to be published; that will bring to the end my tasked job as a vessel of God to fighting and bringing to an end the perpetration of injustices by the Ankaase royal family. The Ankaase royal family members accompanied the queen to the Asanteman Council in their numbers. They had fervently hoped the Asantehene was going to remove the named chiefs from their stools. They had then decided to install their choice of Ankaase royal as the next paramount chief no sooner had they returned from Kumasi. What a great shock and disappointment when events turned out contrary to their expectation. That is the work of God. Do they still not get the message?

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